Everything You Need To Know About DIY Armpit Detox

Everything You Need To Know About DIY Armpit Detox

Summers are about to whisk in and the thought of sweaty armpits is already killing us. No doubt a bottle of your best men’s perfume or antiperspirant will be helping you to combat sweat and that nasty smell but that can do more harm than good. The harmful chemical composition of these products and the junk in them can lead to some serious health effects. That’s why people nowadays prefer natural perfume deodorant products and DIY armpit detox using homemade remedies.

Well, DIY armpit detoxification allows the skin microbiome in the area to come back to its normal state, eventually boosting armpit health. Read on how to detox your armpit yourself at home:

How To Do DIY Armpit Detox

It goes without saying the skin cells in the armpit are super permeable. That means what you put in that area permeates into the bloodstream. Typical antiperspirants, perfumes, and deodorants loaded with toxic chemicals soak into your bloodstream and clog up the pores. They eventually hinder the body’s natural sweat-making process by changing the bacterial composition of the skin. So, switching to a natural perfume deodorant and opting for benign detoxifying solutions can let your armpit stay safe and healthy.

Following these three crucial steps for DIY armpit detoxification:

Cleansing: Just like you cleanse your face with natural face soap; consider one for your armpit too. Use a gentle and toxin-free soap to cleanse your armpits.

Exfoliation: Scrubbing the armpits gently will eliminate dead skin cells. To exfoliate in a natural way, apply some baking soda with moist hands and rub in circular motions. Make sure to scrub the outer armpit as well.  

Masking& Toning: Make a thick pack with bentonite clay and water by mixing both in 1:1. Apply the pack in the armpit region and then wash after 10 minutes. Bentonite clay will draw out all the impurities from the skin in a way that soap won’t do. Once the masking process is over, soak a cotton ball or washcloth in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the armpit. You can also spray the cider vinegar directly. This toner will neutralize the bad bacteria that are the culprits behind that stink.

Do this armpit detox every alternate day. If you sweat badly or are frustrated because of bad armpit odor, we recommend doing this every day. Once you are done, you can wear natural perfume deodorant. Just make sure the best men’s perfume or women’s deo you use should be free of harsh chemicals.

Natural Ways To Armpit Detoxification

Keep Armpits Dry All The Time

Bacteria thrive in damp environments and that’s why it is most active in summer. So, before you step out of the shower, dry your armpits well. Also, make sure to wear your natural perfume deodorant only after your armpit has dried completely. If your armpits sweat after the bath, wipe off the sweat with a paper towel and then spray chemical-free and best men’s perfume or deo.

Prefer Natural Fibers

You might be using the best men’s perfume or antiperspirant but you can still sweat a lot. This is due to synthetic fibers that can cause sweat to stink badly. Wearing natural fibers can make a huge difference and change the way your sweat smells. Prefer 100% linen and cotton instead of their synthetic counterparts like spandex, polyester, and so forth.

Drink More Water

Drinking clean and filtered water throughout the day will flush all the toxins from your body in the most natural way possible. Besides water, you can opt for other detoxification drinks such as lemon water, ginger water, cucumber water, green tea, etc.

Watch What You Eat

Some foods and drinks are odor-inducing so refrain from consuming them. Stay away from spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat, etc. Focus on eating a well-balanced green diet to maintain a neutral body odor.

DIY Natural Deodorant

Instead of buying natural perfume deodorant from stores, consider making one at one. You can complement this deo with the use of the best men’s perfume that’s devoid of chemicals.


7Tbsp. coconut oil

¼ cup organic cornstarch/arrowroot powder

¼ cup baking soda

3-4 drops pure lavender oil


Melt the oil and stir in the powder and soda. Add the lavender oil or any other essential oil and stir well. Pour into a mason jar and let the deo set well before applying. This natural perfume deodorant works effectively in keeping nasty sweat odor at bay.

Tip: Wear the best men’s perfume after using this deo to keep odors at bay for longer. Make sure to dry your armpits before using this natural perfume deodorant. Not to mention, the best men’s perfume you use doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.


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