How AI helps in the Recruiting Process?

How AI helps in the Recruiting Process?

If you haven’t searched for a job in years, things have changed quite a lot. Well, thanks to artificial intelligence, the job market is no longer what it used to be. As per a study by Korn Ferry Global survey, 63% of respondents believe that AI has altered the way recruiting happens.

Not only do the candidates have to get past humans when they are looking for a new job, but they also have to face the test of AI.

Needless to say, the test is becoming more sophisticated with time. The advent of job boards is also becoming the new norm. One such Artificial Intelligence Board is Zoek India. It connects job seekers with the right job providers and helps them traverse on the right career path.

Recruiting and hiring new employees is a massive expense for organizations. So, all they want is to find candidates who will make valuable long-term employees and get a good return on investment.

Let us understand how AI helps in the recruiting process.

How AI helps in the Recruiting Process?

Candidates can use AI-based job-seeking tools to find open positions that match their skill-set and discover organizations. This alone will save candidates an incredible amount of effort. On the other hand, AI can effectively conduct candidate outreach so that companies can find candidates suited for the role.

Moreover, recruiters won’t get bogged down in the CV review process. Thus, they will have more time to nurture relationships with candidates. Furthermore, AI-powered chatbots are responsive and quick to support candidates during the application process.

Thus, AI helps organizations avoid inevitable unconscious bias that often makes its way in the recruiting process when humans determine which candidates to consider for a position. Additionally, it helps companies identify growth opportunities for existing employees, match high performers to more challenging tasks, and train employees.

Challenges in Using AI tools in the Recruitment Process

While AI is of great benefit to organizations, it also comes with a set of drawbacks.

Candidates need to learn how to tweak their resumes and Cvs to get through AI screening. If they don’t modify their approach, they will not be matched with jobs and organizations that are suitable. Moreover, they also need to be prepared to succeed if they are asked to participate in an automated interview.

On the other hand, AI allows organizations to scan multiple data points about each candidate. Not only does AI track their social media accounts, but it is also capable of monitoring various factors that make up the digital footprint of the candidate. This brings up the concern of privacy regarding what information can be used to qualify candidates.

Additionally, AI requires a lot of data to work effectively, and it can also learn human bias if the data set and algorithms operate from having a preference. Furthermore, work ethic, attitude, and other attributes cannot be accurately captured by a robot. However, they are a critical part of the hiring process.

Let us have a look at some of the practical tips for job seekers.

1. Add keywords in your CV and Cover Letter

Whenever you prepare your CV or cover letter, you must use the terminology and keywords from the job posting. For instance, if your prospective employer requests someone who knows AP, be sure to have it on your resume and cover letter.

2. Run A Grammar Check

You must make sure your CV and cover letter is readable and grammatically correct. Don’t assume that you can stuff your CV with keywords to get past algorithms since a bot will review your material. Even if you succeed with the bots, humans will still analyze your CV. Needless today, they won’t be impressed by your skills if your written communication is not well.

 3. Have an Online Presence

Maintaining an online presence can be challenging, but you may be at a disadvantage if you don’t have any at all. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and you have work that you can proudly showcase.

4. Make Your Contact Information Public

It would be best if you made it easy for AI software and recruiters to contact you. You can often miss out on job opportunities if all of your online settings are private. Moreover, you can even create an email address just for the job search. The next step is to set up a Google voice number that can be forwarded to your phone. 

5. Be Prepared for Digital Interviews

Interviews conducted by AI bots won’t just verify what you say but also how you say it. Bots will assess your word choice, your facial expressions, and body language.

Artificial intelligence will surely revamp the entire job search process in the years to come. In order to compete, candidates must accept and make changes in their approach as AI is here to slay!

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