Bringing the Cowboy Hat Home – A Few Essential Questions to Consider

Bringing the Cowboy Hat Home – A Few Essential Questions to Consider

Today, both women and men are getting attracted to sporting cowboy hats. It’s because the cowboy hat can enable a person to make a style statement and look more distinctive from others. However, before you decide to purchase a cowboy hat, it is essential to seek answers to a few questions that will help you in arriving at the correct decision.

Who creates the first decorative cowboy hat?

The cowboy hat embellishments didn’t start with any designer. In fact, the earliest cowboy hats added a band, feather, pin or any other items on the hat for differentiating it from any other hand in the home. Usually, the families were large. Here most men who used to work, between the age of 12 or 14 years and more, in most cases wore a hat. Hence, when a basic embellishment got added to the hat, it was easy to identify the hat. At times, different cowboy hat shapes also came into use here.

How do work or outdoor cowboy hats differ from stylish hats?

Today, it’s possible to come across a hat for style and work purposes available in multiple colors. However, the hats meant for all outdoor workwear comprise rugged features, like waterproofing and crushable design. Generally, the hats that got meant for fashion, don’t comprise this feature. Usually, they get designed to complement the wearer’s look.

What are the materials with which cowboy hats get made?

If you look around, you will come across a conventional felt cowboy hat. However, these hats usually get made using wax cloth, fur, wool, straw, leather or beaver felt. In case, you wish you get a hat made from various materials, you can get in touch with an expert hat maker.

What are the different cowboy hat parts?

Typically, a cowboy hat comprises three parts. They are:

  • Crown is the top part of the hat that accommodates the head.
  • Crease, is the shape of the crown, where any pinch or indent gets added.
  • Brim indicates the material jutting out from the crease. If the brim is wide, it provides maximum sun protection.

How can you store your cowboy hat?

Always store the cowboy hat by its brim up. It helps to secure the hat brim from getting warped, which can happen when the hat rests on the brim of a flat surface for a long time. You can further hang the hat on the coat tree knob. If you want to pick up the hat, make sure to grasp the brim. In case you pick up the crown, it can indent the crease further, similar to the Old Western cowboy hats that came with a round crown.

How can you decide on the hat size?

All of us are very particular about buying denim and want to get the correct size. The same rule applies to buying the cowboy hat. It will ensure that your hat fits snugly instead of being tight. Also, the hat won’t drop extremely low and conceal your eyes. Additionally, you can make use of tape and measure your head circumference right at the forehead center. Based on the hat material, it can expand with heat. Once you wear your hat for a long time, it will tend to become loose. It means that you might have to use a headband on the hat interior for getting a snug fit. Usually, a straw cowboy hat provides a better fit than a felt cowboy hat. However, a felt hat is always a good choice for windy conditions.

Which hat must you select based on your face shape?

Some people might not consider this essential. But fashion-conscious men and women today attach relevance to the hat type and their face shape. They want the hat to complement their face, highlight the best features and arrive at the correct shape.

  • Oblong face–People with this face shape require a hat to accentuate the face length. They need a hat with a medium crown and a curved, wide brim. You need to wear the hat very low on the forehead.
  • Round face–People with this face require a hat that accentuates the angles of the face and their cheekbones. This hat comes with a slanted brim, sharp angles, and a high crown that offers symmetry that can enhance the cheekbones. It’s always a smart call to wear the hat tilted slightly forward or backward.
  • Diamond face – People with this face shape require a hat that elongates their features to have an angular face with a short forehead and narrow jawline. A cowboy hat that has a wide or medium brim can complement cheekbones. The shallow crowned hat enables you to tip it further on the head to balance and elongate the features.
  • Square face–People with this face shape require a hat that will soften the lines and hard angles of their facial features, comprising the square jawline. If you have a prominent jawline, you can opt for a round cowboy hat with a curved brim.

What does it indicate to shape the cowboy hat?

If you are bored with how your cowboy hat looks, there is a chance to re-shape the hat. Here you can alter the hat brim. If you have zero experience in this and don’t have a hat on which you can practice, you can ask for help from a hat shop.

Mostly, the professionals present at the hat store will use a professional steamer to soften the hat material for a short period. After that, they will shape the hat to the design that you like. They will enable it to get dry by making use of natural materials and averting all kinds of heat devices and sources. It helps in re-shaping the hat. If you want you can also opt for another cowboy hat.

These are some of the questions you need to consider before buying a cowboy hat. It enables you to have a better insight that will help you buy and use your hat in an informed way.


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