Oh the Things You'll Break PUBG: How to Complete Mission                    

Oh the Things You’ll Break PUBG: How to Complete Mission

Oh the Things You’ll Break PUBG: How to Complete Mission

Oh the Things You’ll Break” is the latest PUBG mission. Many players have difficulty understanding how to complete it. The challenge is easy once you understand how it works. Here’s how you can complete the “Oh the Things You’ll Break” PUBG mission.

How To Complete Oh the Things You’ll Break PUBG

The requirements for “pubg oh the things you’ll break” aren’t immediately available to PUBG players. Here’s how to fulfill the challenge if you don’t have those requirements.

Break 10 Windows

– Break 10 Doors (This requires that you completely destroy all doors and leave nothing behind).

– Pop eight tires

Two cars can be blown up

You can complete this challenge by completing all of these steps in one PUBG match.

This challenge can be completed by finding explosives and any type of gun. Get out of town and start smashing.

While some PUBG players claim that 10 fences must be destroyed in order to complete the challenge successfully, others argue that this step is unnecessary. To be safe, it would not hurt to remove the fences.

Although the latest PUBG mission has been completed for almost a month, it still presents many challenges.

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Oh the things that you’ll break” is the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS mission to the Vikendi pass. Not everyone knows what it means, but I will help you guys!

You need to think that you can break stuff. Here are the things you should break:

  • 10 Fences
  • 10 Doors
  • 10 Windows
  • 8 Tires
  • 2 Vehicles

To complete the mission, you must do all the above in one match.

Also, watch the full video to complete Oh The Things You’ll Break Pubg mission.

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