Five Best Tricks to Keep Flowers Last Longer

Five Best Tricks to Keep Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are nature’s best blessings! When it comes to mindful things, flowers are the very first option for any of life’s special celebrations and also the special moments in between. A single flower can bring a broad smile to anyone’s face and cheer to any space. After you receive flowers from your special ones, you want your blooms fresh and last longer, but the sad truth here is that they don’t last forever. Yes, flowers lose their beauty and charm after some time. But if you want your bouquet to remain fresh, you can follow some tips that will surely help you make your bloom bright. 

If you are not aware of how you can refresh your flowers, you should carefully read this article. Here, we share some guidelines that help you keep your online flower delivery last longer and benefit you. 

Check Your Flowers Daily:

If you want the flowers to stay longer and fresh, then you should check your flower every day. You filled the fresh flower in the flower container. If the vase-water has decorative foam, you should keep the water level above to help long-lasting blooms. The new water has the flowers’ food that will help it live for a few more days. So, you change the water completely and clean the container as well. So, add fresh water with a portion of commercial fresh flower food. This food is often supplied by the florist who delivers your order. This will help you nourish the flowers as they contain the right ingredients properly and keep bacteria at bay. So, this is how you can lengthen your flowers’ life, but be sure to follow the directions on the package of flower food correctly. Improperly mixed can do more harm than good.

Cut Stems:

The other method that you should follow is, to recut the stems of your flowers. This way, you can freshen up the flowers for a few days more. You also remove damaged blooms and petals that fall below the waterline in the container. To avoid disturbing the stem positions in a vessel, tie the stems with a braid just above the vase’s edge. You can easily order flowers online and send them with your love and care to your loved ones on their special occasions and festivals.

Display In a Cool Spot:

Almost every flower prefers temperatures between 65 to 72 degrees and is also best displayed away from direct sunlight. You can also buy flowers online in different varieties and arrangements for your home decoration that will enhance your place’s beauty.

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Use a Flower Preservative:

Apple cider vinegar with sugar, aspirin, bleach, coins, hairspray, soda, and vodka are some of the preservatives you can apply to give your flowers life for a few more days. You can also get online flower delivery in Chennai and send them to your dear ones on any occasion. 

Clean the Vase

One of the best ways to refresh the flowers without any cost is to wash out your vase before putting flowers into it. There’s no secret trick to sterilizing your jar, and you don’t need any special vase cleaner. The goal is to remove any residue left behind by past flowers and any bacteria hiding inside. Finally, dry the vase off with a clean rag and place it upside down until you are ready to put your flowers in it.

Everyone loves to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers from their loved ones and wishes to keep them as long as they can. So, if you want to impress your special ones, you can order flowers online in Delhi or any other place in India on any day to make them happy. All these tips we mentioned in this article will help you give your flowers a charming look for a few days. We hope you like this article and will follow through with it.


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