Advantage of having an exemplary book

Advantage of having an exemplary book

Many people may agree on this that math is the toughest subject introduced in our early studies. Math is also considered a nightmare for every student in every class. The reason why math is so difficult is that every concept in mathematics is based on the practical knowledge of the student. In earlier classes, children are used to cramming things in other subjects, but in mathematics, there is nothing that a child can cram. This is the reason why mathematics is considered a nightmare from the beginning of our studies. A student might fear at first but once a child finds his or her interest in this subject may find love for this subject forever. NCERT exemplar class 7 maths can help a student in building an interest in this subject.

Benefits of having an exemplar

NCERT exemplar books are the types of books that include some extra solutions or questions given in a chapter on the subject of a student. These exemplars book also have some questions from the previous question paper of a board exam which can help a student in building his or her confidence. This exemplary book may help a student in many ways. Some of the benefits provided by this exemplar are given in the following points-

  • An NCERT exemplar book will provide in-depth knowledge regarding a particular concept present in the subject of a student. Sometimes a student might not be able to get the exact concept used in the solution of a question. This thing might affect the basics of a chapter for a student and that student might not be able to understand anything in the further questions. Therefore, with the help of the NCERT exemplar book, a student is given more questions related to a single concept so that a student should get what is the exact concept that was originally used in a question and what is its role in that question. This thing can be beneficial in many ways as if a student who feels like he or she still lacks in the practice of a concept, can do so with the help of this book.
  • This exemplar book also provides this solution regarding a particular question in an easy language. Sometimes the solution given in the chapter of a book might not be able to make a student understand the solution because of its high language. This thing can be overcome if a student has an incorrect exemplar solution book with him or her.
  • An NCERT exemplar book strictly follows the rules and regulations of the CBSE board examination. This means that a student would always try to do a particular question perfectly if he or she uses this exemplar book with him or her while studying. Sometimes a student is told a different way of doing a particular question in some other books which might not be allowed in the CBSE examination board. Therefore, a student who uses this book would always get marks for using the correct concept while doing a question.
  • With the help of this exemplar book, a student can build his or her fundamentals properly for future questions. This exemplar book would try to build or make understand the basics of each chapter to a student and if a student has a piece of good knowledge about the basics of a chapter, then that student might not face any difficulty during a caution related to that concept.
  • A student can notice one thing in some older board examinations, some questions are directly taken from this book. This means that a student who uses this book while studying might have a chance of understanding the problems given in the board exam question paper. This thing would help a student to be confident while doing a solution for a problem.
  • This book is not only important for students who want to give exams for the board but also is important for students who want to give an entrance exam like JEE or NIT. This thing will help a student in doing preparations for the tough entrance exams and will also make the students understand the exact problem given in a question. This thing would help a student to score good marks in an entrance exam too which can assure them a good college.

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So it can be concluded that nowadays class seven maths exemplar solutions can help a student who is struggling to understand some things which are being taught in the class of a student. A student can also go for Infinity Learn if the student still has some doubts in mind as this Infinity Learn would help a student in clarifying his or her doubts in a very effective way. A student should always try to find a love for this subject and should not run away from this subject as this subject is not that tough.


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