The Best Operations Management MBA Programs of 2022

The Best Operations Management MBA Programs of 2022


MBA in Operations management is a 2-year post-graduate degree course offered under MBA. MBA in operations behaves as the backbone of many businesses as it is more focused on the overall manufacturing or production. MBA in Operation management trains an individual in fields like planning, manufacturing, production, etc. Mainly these roles consist of interaction with the stakeholders and other engineers.

With this increase in consumption of goods and rapid manufacturing of products, the business requires a new way of operating its systems and this led to the creation of an operation management program. MBA courses like supply chain management and logistics management are similar to operation management. Being an MBA graduate in operations management your job will be planning, manufacturing, or providing services. With this drastic rise in goods consumption because of the rising e-commerce business, the amount of production has also risen demanding more efficient ways of maintaining supply chains and designing cost-efficient product manufacturing lines with the right strategy and here is where an MBA in operation will be useful. This looks like a lot of responsibility but it comes with a good reward. An MBA in operation management is expected to earn an average salary of INR 11 LPA.

What is MBA in Operation Management?

As we see the exponential growth in technology and its effects on an organization’s processes, by equipping yourself with MBA in operations you will act as a backbone to your organization and will be responsible for managing the overall system. Every firm that provides services or products needs an operation manager to handle its day to day operations. MBA in operation management can be hired for multiple roles including supply chain manager, business analyst, sourcing manager etc. The need for an Operation manager is mostly in the e-commerce, automobile, healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods sector. When it comes to MBA in operation management the scope is huge and because firms like Amazon, Flipkart, Deloitte, Nike and many multinational companies are always looking for candidates with MBA in Operation management. Operation management has grown in scope in the last few years as efficient operations are an important factor for an organization’s growth. Being a senior position at many corporations, the duties of an operation manager also includes onboarding new talent and establishing relevant training programs.

Why MBA in Operation Management

The reason MBA in Operation management is a favourite amongst students is the huge range of jobs related to this field. Being a very vast field it gives you knowledge of everything, the entire process from raw materials to delivering the product to your customer. Having such extensive knowledge about the whole procedure makes you a valuable asset to the company and also gives you the flexibility to transition between job roles in a sector. Having job experience makes you a perfect candidate for this course as you already have some knowledge of the industry. Studying an MBA in operations will allow you to learn the skills and tools that are required to bring innovation and make you a better manager. The demand for this job has seen a rise due to an increase in globalization and increased production of goods all over the world.

Skills required to pursue MBA in operation management

Communication skills

If you choose to get into any management job, communication is a must skill you should possess for a successful career ahead.  A job in Operation management will require you to have frequent communication with your team members, managers, clients and stakeholders. Knowing how to get your message across to people and establishing a strong rapport can help you to perform your job effectively. As an operation manager, you will be responsible for the smooth function of production lines and large output systems, so it becomes very crucial to communicate effectively to get the job done efficiently.

Time Management

Following deadlines and understanding the importance of time is a very crucial skill for an operation manager. Missing deadlines may hinder the whole manufacturing and production process causing damage to the business. Being an operation manager to thrive in the position, they need to plan accordingly to use time efficiently. Having time management skills can help an operation manager to deliver work on time and improve the overall efficiency of the organization.


When it comes to managing supply chains and manufacturing lines it is quite obvious to face challenges and problems. As an operation manager, you must have an overall perspective of the problem. Designing an effective and efficient solution is necessary to ensure the overall productivity of the process is maintained. Overcoming problems by giving the best possible solution is a way of growth in operation management.

Active listening

Taking note of everyone’s thoughts is very important as an operation manager. Keeping a broad perspective of things and knowing critical information can be beneficial to avoiding problems and hindrances to the system. You should be willing to take multiple points of view from the people around you to deduce a solution.

Devolution of work

Being an operation manager you will be responsible for huge systems and operation lines. Operation managers cannot complete the work by themselves so as an operation manager you must have the skill to delegate the work to others. To focus on more important tasks and to achieve overall productivity delegation plays a very important role. This also includes building strong relations with your team members and having good team working skills. Delegation is an art that needs to be mastered by efficiently delegating the work amongst the team members knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are one of the most important skills managers should possess. Managing people with technical as well as non-technical skills in an efficient manner is essential for an operation manager. Being an operation manager you must have the skill to lead and motivate the team members. Ensuring the quality of work and taking responsibility for the team will make you a great operation manager. This position mostly being a senior level position in many corporations demands you to have good leadership skills.

Career Options after MBA in Operation Management

After getting an MBA in Operation management you can choose to pursue your career as an Operation Manager, Production analyst,  Product manager, Purchasing manager, Inventory manager, Schedule Coordinator, Distribution manager, Supply chain manager, Quality Manager, Plant manager and many more. As an operation manager, you will be responsible for planning, designing, and coordinating the resources needed by your organization.

Being an Operations Manager you will have a deep understanding of business functions and objectives, so you are expected to oversee and optimize the business process to enhance overall productivity and efficiency.

Business Operation Management

Under this job role, you will be responsible for planning, budgeting and scheduling to support the production of the goods. The business operation manager will ensure that the overall cost of production is in line with the strategic goals planned by the organization. This career path is well known and most paths are opted for by the graduates. The average salary of a Business operation manager starts from 8 LPA.

Purchase Management

As the name suggests the job here of the manager is to purchase supplies and raw materials the organization needs. This field is mainly focused on purchasing more than operations. As a purchase manager, you will have to negotiate and ensure that the goods purchased are of proper quality and are delivered on time and meet the organization’s requirements. The average salary of a purchase manager starts from 6.5 LPA.

Material Management

As a material manager, you will be responsible for the production and proper storage of the finished goods, as well as ensuring the transport of those goods. The average salary of a material manager starts from  7 LPA to 8 LPA.


Operation management mainly being a field job, it also has a theoretical aspect to it. If you want to focus more on the theoretical aspect of this then you can choose to be an Operation research analyst. In this career path, you will be responsible for designing efficient systems and managing companies resources, these resources can be physical goods or human resources. You will also be responsible for accessing the cost of the resources. The salary for an Operation research manager starts from 10 LPA.


MBA in operation is the right choice for people with great analytical and critical thinking skills, as it requires extensive use of both of them. Being an Operation manager might be a stressful job at times as it consists of managing whole production lines and overseeing the operations of the organization but the rewards are equally valuable, as this gives you a senior position at an organization with a good salary. Operation managers are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of customers by delivering them the products as per the requirement. Taking crucial decisions related to process design, planning, and control are the responsibilities of an Operation manager. The future scope for Operation management is bright as with increasing population and globalization the demand for goods is rising, which will also create a demand for skillful Operation managers.


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