How To Start A Career In Data Science

How To Start A Career In Data Science


In its simplest form, data science refers to the study of data. The concept of data science encompasses everything that uses data, and everything it processes to become. It is the intersection of diverse disciplines that then combine and utilise the data collected in order to remove the noise and turn it into meaningful information.

There is no doubt that Data Science is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the world today. Due to the shortage of highly skilled workers in the data science field, a very high demand exists for individuals with these skills and knowledge. It is, therefore, possible for freshers to obtain high pay scales when they pursue a career in Data Science today.

Let’s figure out how to start a career in data science now that you know the basics of what it is and how lucrative it can be as a career choice.

How to Start a Career in Data Science

First and foremost, you are here because you know you have an interest in this field. However, merely being interested in the field is not sufficient, you must be aware of all the opportunities it offers and determine the direction in which you want to progress.

1. Choose Your Field

Several career options are available in the field of data science. In the field of data science, there are many different professionals, such as data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, data visualizers, machine learning engineers, and many others. It is therefore important when seeking a new career that you have a clear understanding of what role you would be best suited for based on your interests and past experience.

2. Get A Certification

Having identified the position that is right for you, it is now time to develop the skills and acquire the tools that will allow you to gain employment in that industry. In order to accomplish this, you can pursue a degree in a field related to data science, such as in data science, computer engineering, data analysis, etc., that will provide you with the tools and skills you need to start a career in data science. For others who don’t have this option, by pursuing a course in your field and obtaining a certificate to validate your credibility, you can increase your credibility and stand out to recruiters.

You can check out Board Infinity’s Data Science Online Course with Placement. They provide one of the best courses, and they also guarantee placements.

3. Practically Apply Your Learnings

It is not sufficient to simply acquire knowledge about data science, nor would it be sufficient to merely learn skills and tools. The most important thing for you to do is ensure that you are proficient in the tools that you learned and are an expert on the skills you developed since competition in the industry is extremely fierce. You would need to practice a great deal in order to achieve this. The only way to prepare yourself for challenges on the job is to practice your skills in real-world scenarios.

You can check out a few data science project ideas. In addition to practicing your skills and developing your abilities, these data science projects will allow you to establish a strong portfolio. Moreover, we all know that it is vital to have an impressive portfolio, as it allows you to stand out from the thousands of applicants that recruiters are required to review.

4. Participate In Hackathons

Hackathons, as their name suggests, are marathons devoted to hacking. They are events where a group of people from different backgrounds such as computer programming, data science, data visualization, graphic design, program management, etc. come together and work as a team to find solutions to a given problem.

You can benefit greatly from these data science hackathons not only by showcasing your skills and abilities but also by gaining exposure and networking with the appropriate individuals. The kind of people who will help further your career and help you get recruited.

5. Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are often overlooked even though it is common knowledge that they are important for getting a good job. Since you will not only be responsible for performing the technical aspects of the job but also presenting your findings and results to clients, great communication skills are extremely important in the field of data science.

The ability to communicate well will not only be invaluable during your job but also help you network, as well as gain employment by allowing you to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

6. Get An Internship

With your familiarity with the basics, your ability to make enough projects, and your participation in hackathons, you would now be qualified to be hired as an intern. One of the most important steps to starting a career is to complete an internship, especially in a field as specialized as this one. Through the internship, you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the industry that you wish to work in as well as get your foot in the door.

During your internship, you will gain an understanding of the current trends, the skills you may have overlooked, the skills you need to improve, the tools you need to acquire expertise in, the workplace ethics, and the day-to-day workings of the office. Ultimately, this will prepare you for the day when you enter the workforce.

7. Build Your Resume

You have done all that you can to arm yourself with anything and everything you would need for the job that you’re aspiring for. Your only remaining task is to prepare a data scientist resume that is impressive. It is important to note that an impressive resume involves more than just listing plenty of skills, projects, and qualities. It is more important to accurately represent all of those elements. You have to conduct keyword research, adhere to the correct format, use good grammar, and so on.

Make sure you pay a lot of attention to this because this is the first thing a recruiter will see about you, and the one thing significant enough to make or break your career.


With all the aforementioned points, you are now well aware of how you can start your journey in the field of data science. As difficult as it may be, it is highly rewarding as a career. Work on the pointers given to you, and start applying. Go get your dream job!


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