Are PPC Ad Groups Effective? How Do You Create Them?

Are PPC Ad Groups Effective? How Do You Create Them?

We repeat, are PPC ad groups effective?

Many often these questions are remained unanswered. But today, we have taken the initiative to answer all your queries so that you won’t find it hard to take your decision regarding PPC marketing.

Before you reach out to the agencies offering PPC management services in Delhi, you must understand what PPC ad groups are and why they should be given more attention. Otherwise, you may end up creating normal ads without considering the ad groups.

Still wondering whether the ad groups are worthwhile or not? Keep patience. While reading this article, you will get your answer. Let’s get started!

What are ad groups in Google PPC marketing?

Ad groups are nothing but a group of ads that are created under every PPC ad campaign. If you are organizing an ad campaign on Google AdWords, you can create multiple ad groups to turn your campaign successful.

These ad groups are much more specific to the brand campaign, containing a proper set of keywords, that can trigger the ad and direct the visitors to the relevant landing page.

Are Google ad groups effective?

As you can see, ad groups are designed in such a way that they can draw the right visitors and convert them into potential customers. Hence, skipping this is no longer an option. You can even mark this as an essential component of pay-per-click marketing. From driving the right traffic to generating quality leads and building conversions, ad groups are purposely crafted.

Importance of ad groups that you must consider

What makes ad groups so important is something to concern.

A majority of search engines rely on ad groups to determine –

What keywords are performing well in your ads?

Which page the visitors are directed to when they click on your ad?

How the ad responds.

Ad groups contain a lot of things – keywords, text ads and landing pages, all the essential components of an ad that can produce overwhelming results. Hence, gaining the attention of the audience with the help of ad groups is nothing hard.

How to create ad groups?

  1. Focus on match type segmentation: One most important things to consider while creating ad groups is match type segmentation. If you want your ad to show immediate results, you have to group your keywords accordingly.

    It doesn’t matter how you organize your keywords, but for each ad group, you need to consider a specific match type for keywords. For example, if you have exact match keywords and broad match type keywords, you have to frame them separately for each ad group.

    A single ad group will focus on a single match type, instead of targeting multiple match types. This makes the ads much more effective for drawing the right audience. Segment your keywords based on your match types and then group your ad content.

  2. Focus on converting queries: Instead of segmenting all keywords based on match types, you can target more on the converting queries while creating your ad group. This will narrow down the campaign goals. However, this reduces the volume of traffic by giving the same advantages as the previous one.

    Focus on your query search reports, as the converting queries are strongly generated from these reports. You can monitor the reports weekly to find the keywords that are actually converting the visitors into potential clients.

    Many broad match types contain negative keywords. This creates more flexibility, allowing your ads to be more focused in the right direction.

  3. Focus on sorting keywords by profitability: Another way of organizing the keywords is by sorting them based on profitability. You can do this in a decreasing or increasing manner.

    Suppose you have a set of keywords, both positive and negative. You can consider the following performance metrics like business revenue, conversions, number of clicks, profit margins, etc. Organizing the keywords based on these metrics will help you to evaluate the best performing ad. You can even cap your budget according to your need, in this case.

The Bottom Line

Structuring your ad campaigns based on ad groups maximizes the effectiveness and profitability of your Google PPC ads. Of course, to achieve this your ad need to be properly created with high-performing keywords to focus on target audiences.

Have you created the ad groups based on match keyword types? if not, do it now. Keywords, ad content and landing pages, all need to be matched accurately.

Guys, if you want to hyper-target your audience, you have to choose to develop your ad groups and then run your PPC campaign. Otherwise, the ads will focus on one single ad group to attain different marketing goals.

Therefore, before you sign a deal with the agencies offering PPC white-label services, you should have a piece of sufficient knowledge of this. Gain more knowledge instead of shivering with a lack of knowledge.


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