3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Corporate Secretarial Services

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Corporate Secretarial Services

It is worth remembering that in Singapore, for each organization, a secretary shall be appointed within six months of incorporation. This necessary provision is stated in the Singapore Companies Act. In essence, corporate secretarial services are addressed as a non-core aspect of an organization.

However, it is not possible to neglect the importance of secretarial function in every manner. In that case, you would be best off contracting it to decent third-party corporate secretarial services or outsourcing. Doing outsourcing is cost-effective and extremely reliable, in contrast to in-house personnel. Below are things for you to learn more about corporate secretarial services.

So, as the name might imply, the traditional role of a secretary is not a Company Secretary Singapore agency can provide, but rather the degree of administrative activity within an entity that ensures good corporate governance, efficient management, and compliance with business and company standards, laws, and regulations.

For corporations, managing corporate governance is important. Your company must comply with the 2006 Business Act, comply with the rules and regulations of the entity, and retain proper documents, such as the conduct of meetings, the behavior of board members, consumer and creditor arrangements, and any contact with government authorities.

When selecting the right corporate secretarial service Singapore agencies and firms, there are many things to consider. You must be sure to yourself before you give it a go signal. Here are the essential things you need to consider when looking for the best corporate secretarial services.

Expertise and knowledge

You can ensure that your potential advisories include well-qualified and experienced advisors while looking for a Company Secretary Singapore can provide you for your organization in pursuit of the best Secretarial Service. You will figure out whether all staff has the correct knowledge of providing secretarial services for the business if you insist on an outsourced company clerk.

They could be experts in directing and counseling clients on various related legal matters. You would be in peace of mind to maintain consistency with the rules issued by the ACRA. It decreases the doubt that the potential legal implications can be fulfilled.

Quality of  service

The quality of the services offered by a secretarial service Singapore company must be high and satisfactory. They should be able to manage all the logistical tasks with ease. Under the specified deadlines, practitioners shall carry out essential legal responsibilities, such as filing returns, convening AGMs, etc.

You should guarantee that when you hire a company secretary Singapore professional, you get what you pay for. Secretarial service companies can make sure that it is more cost-effective to employ a third-party firm than to hire an in-house clerk.


A variety of private and appropriate business details can be handled by corporate secretarial Singapore can provide and you can employ. Thus, promising that the organization is highly secure is very important. They must strictly stick to corporate guidelines, and you should be able to believe that the activities will be carried out diligently by the organization.

The outsourced company secretary must control due dates for filing and other critical deadlines. Late filing and release of reports lead to fines, damages and loss of integrity with the business concerned, but may also have implications for the board of directors of the organization. Therefore, you should appoint a Company Secretary in Singapore can provide who is responsible, trustworthy, and conscious of all deadlines.

Part of the responsibilities of secretarial service Singapore agencies for every corporation include maintaining the credibility of the governance system, being accountable for the successful management of a business, ensuring conformity with legislative and regulatory standards, and enforcing the board of directors’ decisions.

The Secretarial service Singapore firms duties include:

  • Implementing the board of directors’ actions
  • Serving as counsel to the directors of the organization
  • Manage transfers in business stock – offer new shares, manage dividend distributions and comply with all regulatory specifications
  • Liaising onboard compliance problems for auditors, judges, tax advisors, bankers, and shareholders
  • Attending and collecting minutes from the meetings of directors and stakeholders
  • Ensure the enforcement duties are fulfilled under the applicable legislation and the regulatory authorities criteria

The following is the responsibility of most secretarial service Singapore agencies:

  • Meetings of the board and committee
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Annual general meeting – including a proxy statement
  • Records of Corporations
  • Management of Subsidiary
  • Transfers and dividends in stock
  • Listings on the stock exchange and conformity with listing requirements
  • Operation with legislation on the administration of federal and regional boards
  • For officers and directors, governance liaison
  • Shareholder engagement on matters of governance

Get professional help

To be wise, you should remember the points mentioned above when looking for the right corporate secretarial services. WLP Group can provide you with corporate secretarial services which will guide you through the concerns and changes, simplify the administrative pressure, and make it simpler to focus on operating your company. All of it is made possible by corporate secretarial services to ensure high-quality services and trustworthy secretarial services for companies.


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