How to Leverage Instagram Influencers for Digital Marketing Campaigns

How to Leverage Instagram Influencers for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Undoubtedly, social media is a significant part of any digital marketing campaign. But, getting posts in front of audiences and increasing the ROI of digital marketing budgets are more challenging than ever. It’s not just about creating great content but increasing the popularity of posts. Working with Instagram influencers is one-way marketers get the most bang for the buck.

Instagram influencers sway audiences using tactics that online ads can’t. It’s about using the power of social persuasion and the need for people to emulate those they admire or appreciate. Nonetheless, brands must choose influencers carefully and consider specific criteria before forming partnerships. Here’s how to go about it.

Determine the Brand’s Purpose

Not every Instagram influencer will make sense for each brand or product line. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense for a company that targets rural communities and lifestyles to work with influencers with an urban appeal. While a company might garner more exposure on the platform, it would come from an audience that may not see value in the brand’s products or services.

When purchasing likes or followers on Instagram, be sure to research what values the influencers embody. Also, consider the lifestyles and demographics of their audiences. Make sure that what your company stands for and who you’re trying to target align with an influencer’s image. Marketing leaders can click here to learn more about ways to increase the number of Instagram likes and followers. 

Calculate a Budget

It should go without saying that Instagram influencers aren’t going to make sponsored posts without compensation. While they’ll promote brands and companies they believe in and align with, it comes at a cost. How much it will cost businesses to work with influencers usually depends on how many followers they have. For example, someone with between one thousand and ten thousand followers is a nano influencer.

At the other end of the spectrum are people with over one million followers. These are mega influencers and are typically big names or celebrities. Working with a nano influencer may cost a business a hundred dollars a post. However, a partnership with a mega influencer is going to cost six figures or more per post. Since not every brand can afford to do that, mapping out a budget beforehand helps narrow down which influencers are a good fit. 

Streamline Content Creation

Influencers may be more willing to work with companies that make content creation seamless for them. The less effort they must put into figuring out how to promote a brand, the better. Businesses that supply templates and influencer media kits can gain an edge on the competition. Media kits also make it easier to keep brand identities consistent across posts.

Working with Instagram influencers can turn into lucrative endeavors for both sides. Businesses expand exposure and drive future sales. Influencers also get to increase their audience reach and income. Matching audience traits, financial expectations, and content guidelines help form workable partnerships.   


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