Trade reference and its impact on business

Trade reference and its impact on business

Understanding Trade Reference

Bank, insurance company, vendors and customers, review the sampling of trade references of a business company before negotiating a deal or making a potential investment in it. The data found in the business’s trade reference file may be used to help set interest rates, credit limits and premiums. A trade reference is basically used to calculate the credit score of the business. Therefore, a businessman must understand its significance and how to build a potential business through it.

What is a trade reference?

Let us simply understand what is a trade reference. We can explain it in just two words, which basically means, trade experience. A trade reference can impact a business both positively and negatively or do not impact them at all. Some customers can send trade references directly, to figure out the know-how of the payments for review, acceptance, and possible acceptance. The added and changed trade reference can affect the credit score and the ratings of the business.

Here are the seven base variables that a trade reference consists of which represent the credit worthiness of the business:

  • Reporting date or as of the date
  • Manner of payment
  • Rolling 12-month high credit
  • Current total amount owing
  • Current total past due
  • Selling terms
  • Date of the last sale

This supplier is free to submit positive or negative payment experiences.

Why is a trade reference request necessary for the business?

A trade reference reflects the credibility of the business and shows its creditworthiness. A business is considered to be accountable it asks for the trade reference as it is a portrayal of financial behavior which is necessary to carry out inside and outside funding for the business to grow exponentially. These manually written trade references can yield high credit scores and ratings for the business. Here are some of the impacts that the business can experience through trade references.

Advantages of Trade reference

1. Benefits of making credit

Benefits of making credit

If receiving a positive trade reference, the business can easily open for investment and funding from outside. Positive reference scores are for your trustable payment and the inflow of funding in the business is your awards. This justifies the creditworthiness of the business which is not verbal but reflected on paper, hence opening the door for future funding, which can enhance the business performance.

2. Easy to get compared to small business loan

Having trade credit makes your business flexible, adapting to market demands and seasonal variations so that you have enough supply even if you do not have stable finance. The business is reluctant to stop at any position because you hold trade credit.

3. Induces investment

Induces investment

As trade finance is a form of capital that relates to active traders of services and products, this means that an importer or exporter does not have to disturb their working capital or finance. In this way the business is free to use their investment in emerging potential business, enhancing techniques and improving machinery. This ensures faster business growth in terms of risk mitigation.

4. Diversified network of suppliers

Diversified network of suppliers

Manufacturers, traders and suppliers work in the global marketplace. By improving the ability of finance to flow in the business, they can foster the supply in the market and can make a chance for higher potential growth of for their service and product. Trade references intensify and well and diversify the competition in the market and supply chain leading to an increased volume of trade within a safer framework.

Disadvantages of Trade reference:

1. Hard to obtain for startups

Trade reference sounds perfect for startups, in order to scale up their business but however, it is not easy for them to mark a reference. The reason is that they are new in the industry, being new is being small, hence the small businesses lack networks in their early stage of business, and therefore it is tough for customers, investors, vendors or companies to align with these businesses.

2. Trade penalties

Missing the deadlines of the trade payment can put you ultimately in an expensive debt as they include terms and conditions of trade penalties for delayed payments and payable interest on outstanding payments. This can significantly spiral into effective costs if your business fails to meet the deadlines of payment, marking a low credit score.

3. Negative impact on credit rating

Prompt payments of goods and services are good for your credit score, whereas missing deadlines can harm the ratings as mentioned in the previous point. The negative impact on credit rating can hinder future funds, influencing the present credibility of the business. Moreover, it can influence the amount of interest you need to pay even if you have a secure loan at first.

4. Loss of suppliers

Loss of suppliers

When faced with the poor paying buyer, suppliers tempt to cut their losses and refuse to work with you in your business. This can cause a loss of good suppliers and affect trustworthiness, which is harmful to the business. While there are many routes to get back the money or return the payments these are costly, and time consuming. It affects further cash flow and causes financial problems.

Trade reference merits are likely to be more applicable to the existing business, although it takes time to influence the new business or startups. But in order to get a hold of an adequate supply chain trade reference holds the key advantage.


The trade reference is one of the most important indicators of your business to external forces that may affect your business in future marathons. It is essential to have a fulfilling trade reference to yield fruitful growth in the business in the future. Although, many businesses are still in denial and do not understand the significance of it, as to how and why it is important. It is always considered smart if you request a reference of your own, to show and hold your accountability and financial responsibility. Hence the modern world seeks social and financial obligations to further invest in the business. These aspects are likely to affect the business in the long run.


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