DDI Solution: A Comprehensive Guide

DDI Solution: A Comprehensive Guide

DDI solutions are designed for server, network, and other infrastructure and operations (I&O) workers who are responsible for DNS, DHCP, and IP address allocation in their enterprises.

DDI products are used by I&O administrators to handle DNS and DHCP services daily, as well as to provide a systematic workflow for basic network operations. DDI cloud providers can provide you with the DDI services specially customized according to your organization’s needs. DDI systems are often priced similarly to networking devices, with a one-time hardware/software purchase price and a monthly maintenance fee.

Who uses the DDI solution?

Companies use DDI solutions to replace rudimentary tools (such as spreadsheets) for maintaining IP addresses, as well as to have better control and procedures for managing network changes. According to Gartner, using a commercial DDI solution can cut opex by 50% or more, resulting in full-time equivalent (FTE) savings in bigger enterprises.

DDI Market – Competitive Landscape

Some of the major industry rivals covered in the worldwide DDI market include Infoblox, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., BlueCat Networks, Inc., Nokia, TCPWave Inc. etc.

The global DDI market was slightly fragmented at the end of 2017, with the top three companies controlling more than half of the overall market share.

The global DDI market has undergone many developments in recent years. Around the world, mergers and acquisitions across the value chain, as well as product launches, have been highlighted as important DDI solutions and service provider strategies.


As a result of recent high-profile breaches, businesses are more likely to invest in security solutions. Furthermore, DNS security is becoming increasingly important to businesses, and numerous DDI providers now provide DNS­based protection. As a result, we’ve noticed an increase in client interest in DNS-based security combined with DDI solutions. DNS firewalls, for example, are currently present in roughly 18% to 32% of customer engagements.

Key Points regarding DDI Solution

DDI is a collection of DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM) solutions that assist enterprises in managing their IP addressing, DNS, and DHCP services to enhance overall availability and reduce operating costs while allowing for scalability to support corporate expansion.

There are many providers who provide DDI solutions and these are large IT vendors (Microsoft, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and BT), midsize DDI-centric vendors (Infoblox and BlueCat), and smaller and/or regionalized players (EfficientIP, Nixu Software, and Men & Mice).

Organizations with more than 5,000 personnel and/or 25,000 IP addresses in use often see significant operating expenditure (OPEX) savings when using a commercialized DDI solution.

Because of the importance of DNS and the operational costs associated with vendor change, DDI solutions tend to be sticky. ·

Many DDI manufacturers provide capabilities in adjacent sectors, such as network security and network administration, because the DDI business is quite mature.


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