Why Use Windows VPS Hosting For Your Growing Business

Why Use Windows VPS Hosting For Your Growing Business

When your business is growing and you have more than a few employees, things start getting more complicated. You need to set up a network, find ways to streamline your processes and establish new ways of staying in contact. At the same time, keep costs as low as possible and invest your money wisely.

That’s why it’s important for businesses that are growing fast and becoming more complex to get their hands on some VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services. A virtual private server is an affordable way to get the performance and capacity of a dedicated server without the high monthly cost.

Here are some of the many benefits of Windows VPS hosting that will help your business grow – and stay safe while doing so:

Full Control Over Your Virtual Server

First and foremost, you should select a Windows VPS hosting solution because it gives you complete control over your virtual server. That means you can install the Operating System (OS), software, and applications you want without interference from the host. You also have complete control over your server’s security, network settings, and storage capacity. This functionality is crucial for growing businesses that need to scale their virtual servers as needed. You also have full control to reboot your server and even reinstall the OS and software from scratch if needed.

Better Security Options

Another advantage of Windows VPS hosting is that these servers have more robust security options. You can select managed or unmanaged VPS hosting, but many businesses prefer unmanaged VPS hosting for Windows as it gives them more control over the server. Managed Windows VPS hosting solutions may also include additional fees, but unmanaged solutions give you more control over your server’s security. If you select unmanaged VPS hosting, you can choose your preferred firewall, antivirus, and intrusion detection software. Even managed Windows VPS hosting solutions let you install third-party security software as needed. You can also easily configure firewall rules and port forwarding for your network.

Faster Networking Through VLANs

Another advantage of Windows VPS hosting is accelerated networking through Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs). With a VPN, you can connect to your Windows VPS server remotely. This lets you access and manages your server’s OS remotely, so you don’t have to be at the office to manage your business’s infrastructure. With VLANs, you can easily switch network traffic between virtual servers to give each server increased bandwidth. However, you should note that some providers charge more for VLANs, so be sure to verify how much they cost.

More Storage Options

Another advantage of Windows VPS hosting is that you have the option to choose between SSD and HDD storage. SSD disks are faster, but they have a shorter lifespan. If your business needs speedy read/write rates, SSD makes a lot of sense. But if you need more storage space, you might consider HDD. People also often think that Windows VPS hosting is only for Windows environments. Virtual private server hosting providers like VPS hosting for Linux can also be set up for Windows applications.


When choosing a Windows VPS hosting solution, you should consider scalability. A virtual private server offers dedicated resources, so you get more control over your server. For example, you can easily add more RAM, CPU cores, and storage as your company grows. You also have more control over your server’s security, networking, and storage options with a virtual private server.

How to Find the Right Windows VPS Provider

Finally, when choosing a Windows VPS hosting solution, you should find a reputable provider. A reputable provider will provide reliable service, and have great support. When choosing a provider, you should look at the following:

Network uptime: This refers to how often the provider’s network is down. Network downtime is crucial, especially if your business relies on the cloud.

Network ping: This refers to how quickly your network responds. Ping times are crucial for your business if you rely on online applications like VoIP or online meetings.

Network speed: This refers to the download and upload speeds for your network. You need these rates to be as fast as possible if you rely on cloud applications.


Windows VPS hosting is a fantastic option for businesses that need more dedicated resources to run their virtual server. The benefits of Windows VPS hosting include the ability to scale the virtual machine as needed, have full access to the server’s OS and pre-installed software, and configure specific network settings like ports to make sure everything runs smoothly. When you select a Windows VPS hosting solution, you gain full control over your virtual server and have more dedicated resources to run your business.


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