17 things to do with a table runner you already have

17 things to do with a table runner you already have

No table runner? No problem! Follow these easy tips for styling table runners and you won’t need to purchase a new one.

1. Drape it over a table and let it flow down the table to create a dramatic table setting.

2. Mount the table runner onto thicker card stock and use it as a sign or menu holder at your next party.

3. Mount on thick cardboard, like that from an old box, and add pictures of your guests around the border… instant Christmas card! (Bonus: add photos in table tents during your party.)

4. Cut 2-inch strips from table runners along the length for matching napkin rings – the perfect touch for the casual dining table!

5. Add table runners to a wreath or garland for a burst of color.

6. Cut the table runner to the desired length and tie it onto baker’s twine for a table accent with movement – a great way to fill the floor space without flowers at your next wedding! Simply attach newly cut table runners directly onto table runners that have been wrapped around wreaths.

7. Drape the table runner over the chair back, intertwining it to create a cascading effect. Secure table runner ends toward the center of the chair back. Or drape just one side of the table runner over the chair back and let the other side fall straight against the ground as if dropped from table height… a good look for outdoor or event staging!

8. Take the table runner to the craft table and cut it into 2-inch strips for a table runner scrap garland – table decor idea using table runners!

9. At your baby shower, use a table runner as a cake table decoration by simply propping it up against a wall or propping on votive holders or cake stand base.

10. Cut the table runner in half lengthwise and sew, tightly along the sides of each piece creating one super long table cloth covering half of your table surface. Use this at your next party for maximum impact… a cheap way to cover large areas of tables!

11. Fold two workpieces of fabric into thirds with the right sides together then sew along the top edge only (do not sew the bottom edge). Turn right side out and you now have a table runner whose pattern is reversible.

12. Turntable runner into table skirt and drape it over table cloth to create an elegant table setting that doesn’t take up the whole table! Use this table decor idea for your next party or event – use fancy fabric, lace, silk or anything you like as long as it matches your party theme!

13. Cut the table runner in half along the length (again with right sides together) and sew creating two table runners – one smaller than the other – for a cute look on buffet table items. Set smaller runners on plates and cups at the drinks station and a larger runner on the table where food is served to mark both clearly.

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14. Sew the table runner and tablecloth together at the table’s edge to create one table covering for when you need to cover a larger table.

15. Attach table runner to chair backs or attach table runner onto banner tape and place around the room for a personalized party decoration!

16. Sew table runners together along their raw edges (also known as overcasting) creating one long piece for sewing into an epic pillow cover – great DIY project or craft idea!

17. Cut the zigzag pattern in a table runner and use it as a ribbon to tie onto favor boxes, candle jars, or anything flat and small enough to fit your hand inside!

There are so many things you can do with a simple tablecloth! Not only tablecloths but table runners too! Just think of the endless possibilities for this ultra-cheap table decoration item.

I hope you liked these table runner ideas and that they inspire you to use table runners at your next party or event!


Table runners are simple tablecloths that prove the best table decorations, especially for weddings. They provide a table runner as table decoration ideas and as using table runners as wedding decorating ideas!

Not only table runner ideas, but you can use these items on any table setting such as buffet tables or dining tables. Table runners can be used alone or with tablecloths or table covers.

Table runners add a lot of color and style to your table setting without the hassle of flowers! They are simple table decoration ideas and will make any table look great!


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