Why Spa Owners are Using Custom-Printed Triangle Flags as Marketing Tools

Why Spa Owners are Using Custom-Printed Triangle Flags as Marketing Tools

Most people have experienced some level of stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We could all benefit from visiting spas for stress-busting massage sessions. However, most spas across the world are still struggling to attract customers. Why? Because of the close proximity that spa therapists have to maintain with their guests to conduct treatments.

  • Will my spa allow me to maintain social distancing?
  • Are my spa therapists vaccinated and fit to come in contact with my body?
  • What safety protocols do the spa owners follow?

These are just some of the questions in the minds of people who are hesitant to visit spas. Spa owners realize these challenges. These challenges mainly stem from a lack of communication between the spa owners and their target customers. To address these challenges, they’re installing custom-printed marketing flags outside their stores.

What are Custom-Printed Marketing Flags?

As the name suggests, custom-printed marketing flags are promotional tools typically used by small-scale businesses. Car repair centers, spas, restaurants, salons, etc., are some of the businesses that use these flags to attract customers. These flags come in multiple shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. They’re easy to install, dismantle, and transport.

Custom-printed triangle flags are very popular among spa owners for these reasons. They install custom-printed flags outside their stores to promote their services. More importantly, these flags allow spa owners to –

Inform COVID19 Safety Protocols 

Every top spa facility in the country has implemented strict cleaning and disinfection policies. Many spa owners are even using UV technology to disinfect their beds, seats, etc. Unfortunately, conveying these safety protocols to customers is not easy. Customers from the outside may not know whether a spa is COVID-safe or not.

That’s why spa owners are custom-printing COVID safety rules and procedures on their marketing flags. They’re sharing all the steps they’ve taken to make their spas COVID-safe spaces via custom-printed marketing flags. Custom flags are highly visible and eye-catching. Anyone outside a spa can read the information printed on these flags to make informed decisions about entering the spa.

Affordable Information Sharing Tool

Most spas across the world were closed for long periods during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, most spa owners are still under immense economical stress. They can’t afford to acquire large billboards or launch expensive social media marketing campaigns. For these businesses, low-cost marketing flags offer the best alternative.

Unlike electronic signs or websites, creating custom-printed marketing flags is significantly cheaper. Spa owners can order hundreds of these flags without spending too much money. Then, they can install their custom-printed marketing flags at various locations. They can install these flags outside their stores, in crowded locations, etc.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Custom-printed marketing flags allow spa owners to gain brand visibility in specific locations. Spa owners can custom-print high-quality graphics, images, and marketing messages on these flags. If the local audiences find these design elements or messages appealing, they will visit the spa.

Overall, reusable and durable custom-printed marketing flags are the ideal tools for spa owners looking to attract customers.


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