Reasons to Take Part in an RN to BSN Completion Program

Reasons to Take Part in an RN to BSN Completion Program

Men and women often go into healthcare for job security and competitive salaries. However, they may become an RN and discontinue their education. Nurses should consider going back to school to get their BSN. Why is securing this degree so important today?  

The Complexity of Nursing

Nurses must make complex decisions, as they spend more time with the patients than other medical professionals. When doing so, they need to understand health policy and communicate with others in a patient’s medical team. More healthcare settings today are requiring their employees to have a BSN as well. Anyone looking to advance their career should look into an RN to BSN Completion Program. What benefits might a person see with a BSN?

Better Job Security

The 2020 AACN survey found the majority of BSN graduates secure a job within six months of completing the program. Employers prefer candidates with a BSN, and over 40 percent of healthcare facilities today require nurses to have a BSN. This includes hospitals. A person finds their job is more secure, and they also have more job opportunities. 

Higher Salary

According to PayScale, an individual with a BSN earns an average salary of $87,000 a year. Men and women with an ADN make $71,000 a year, on average. Although these figures vary by the area in which the nurse works, a BSN holder typically makes more than a person who stops their education at an ADN. 

Graduate School Prep  

Nurses outnumber doctors three to one today. As a result, they serve as primary care providers in many cases. When a nurse obtains a BSN, they find they may wish to advance to an advanced practice registered nurse. Doing so allow them to expand their job opportunities further and see a significant pay raise.

More Autonomy  

Nurses who obtain a BSN find they have more autonomy. They can make critical decisions when it comes to the care of a patient, as the BSN eliminates the need for them to consult with another healthcare practitioner first. This may help to lower mortality rates while boosting patient satisfaction. With the BSN, the nurse may manage new technology, make decisions regarding home healthcare, and create a comprehensive plan for a patient.   

Prepare for the Future   In the future, nurses might find a BSN is mandatory. If a hospital wishes to achieve Magnet status, it must employ individuals with a BSN. The American Nurses Credentialing Center provides this status to hospitals known for their nursing practice innovations, quality patient outcomes, and outstanding nursing. New York has already made it mandatory for all nurses in the state to have a BSN within ten years of qualifying as a nurse, and other states are expected to follow.   

Better Patient Outcomes   Studies show patient outcomes tend to improve when they receive treatment from a BSN. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing attributes this to better preparation in the areas of patient care. Hospitals employing a high number of nurses with a BSN find patients requiring less inpatient care, mortality related to congestive heart failure declines, and more.   

If you wish to improve your job opportunities, increase your pay, and provide better patient care, consider pursuing a BSN. Men and women who do so find there are countless benefits to doing so. Learn more today to see if this opportunity is right for you. Furthermore, keep in mind a BSN may be required in the future. By obtaining it now, you’ll be prepared when this degree becomes necessary.   


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