An automated manufacturing process can help businesses achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency while improving product quality and profits. Manufacturing automation systems do not require much human intervention. Often, these systems perform assembling, processing, inspection, or handling operations.

The following are 8 reasons a company should consider automating its manufacturing process:

1. A safer workplace

Workplace safety can be improved by transferring some dangerous tasks to automated machines. Occupational safety and health have become a priority since the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed in 1970. Automated machines have made the workplace safer.

2. Lower labor costs

Automating operations can reduce labor costs by replacing manual labor with automation.

3. Productivity increases

Automated systems are more efficient than manual operations. Production efficiency is increased by automating manufacturing processes.

4. Reduced manual work

Automation can reduce repetitive, dull, and tiresome tasks for employees.

5. Handle impossible tasks manually

Machines play a crucial role in certain manufacturing operations and processes. PID prototyping through graphic modeling, making of complex surfaces with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) or numerical controlled systems and integrated fabrication of circuits. These processes Microsystems require a high degree of miniaturization, accuracy, and geometry that cannot be achieved manually.

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6. Improving the quality of the products

Automated operations result in greater conformity and uniformity and reduce the defect fraction rate.

7. Reduce the cost of not automating

Higher sales, better quality, improved productivity, a better bottom line due to higher efficiencies, and a better company image can all result from automation. In the absence of automation, companies may find themselves behind their competitors who have chosen to automate.

8. Shortened manufacturing lead times

By automating the process, the time elapsed between the order of the customer and the delivery of the product can be shortened.

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