Useful Strategies To Increase Recurring Purchases

Useful Strategies To Increase Recurring Purchases


It is significantly more costly to acquire new clients than it is to keep existing ones. A considerable amount of the revenue comes from repeat consumers. According to research, returning customers may account for over 40% of a company’s income, and raising client retention by 5% can boost earnings by 25 to 95 percentage points.

Shoppers must be encouraged to refill their supplies on a frequent schedule for businesses that sell replenishable goods such as home products, snacks cosmetic necessities, baby items, and other items that are consumed regularly over time. This type of recurrent sales can help increase return on investment (ROI) and assure long-term profitability. If you would like to devise some strategies to increase sales, this article about repeat purchases would be helpful for you!

What Exactly Is a Recurring Purchase? 

Orders placed by a returning client are known as recurring or repeat purchases. These clients are well-versed in your business and are frequently motivated by a need for ease and efficiency. Why mess with something that is working fine? 

The buying process of recurring consumers differs from that of completely new customers in several characteristics and identifiers. New users to online shopping sites or applications, for example, spend their time reading the websites, looking at different goods, and evaluating pricing. Return consumers, are different, know exactly what they’re in search of, and will immediately go directly to the store to get it. Many businesses are now opting to elect an S corporation. This is frequently due to the taxation benefits that S corps allow for. Learn more about how to start an S corp in Texas.

How to Keep Customers and Promote Recurring Purchases?

Research has shown that if around 20 to 30% of your consumers return monthly to place an order, you’re doing fairly well. A regular consumer is also more inclined to return for much more. Another recent report showed that whenever a consumer comes back for the second instance, they are 45 percent more inclined to buy once more. Furthermore, when returning for the fourth time, they are 56% more motivated to buy again. 

With that information, how can you persuade your consumers to return to buy a second, a third, or even a miraculous fourth time? Here are our recommended tactics for boosting your average repeat buy rate.

How to Keep Customers and Promote Recurring Purchases

Maintain Engagement With Personalised Post-Purchase Advertising

Numerous companies may have made the error of halting personalized communications once the transaction has been completed. Tailored post-purchase interaction may create a favorable and lasting effect on your clients and help them remember your business when they need to buy. To keep your customers interested, for instance, by providing them with helpful information or meaningful suggestions to help them reap the benefit of other new products. For instance, with the purchase of a jacket, you can provide your customers with style guides. You may utilize an advertising optimization tool to provide this material to your customers in actual time via in-app notifications, email, push notifications, and other methods.

Activate Actions in Actual Time

At various phases of the purchasing experience, customers will show distinct purpose and conduct. In the case of replenishable goods, timing is key. A consumer could, for instance, refill their bird feed once every month or need new q-tips every four months. 

You may segment and classify your consumers according to these habits and send appropriate notifications whenever it’s time to refill using real-time marketing automated technology. This type of automation system, also makes it simple to convince checkout for customers who placed things in their basket but did not complete the transaction. To encourage conversions, you may send individuals a trigger message with a reminder notice, but only to those who have finished purchasing the previous day.

Better Use of Transactional Email Messages

Transactional emails are purchase, shipment updates, and confirmation emails. These types of emails have been found by research to get almost 100% read rates. The conversion rates for them were also shown to be significantly greater compared to those of bulk mailers. An order confirmation for an order of bread, for example, could be an opportunity to suggest a trendy jam or even a toaster oven. 

Make a Repeated Purchase More Appealing

If utilized effectively, discounts, promotions, and vouchers may be quite beneficial. These perks are a good method to get first-time purchasers to return back for a second buy. You may also use machine intelligence to spot consumers who have not bought in a while but are inclined to buy again if offered incentives and then re-entice them with appropriate deals to encourage customer retention. 

Presenting such bonuses too frequently, on the other hand, may reduce income and harm the brand’s reputation. So, before you send out promotions, ensure you have a sound promotional plan all figured out.

Think About Implementing Loyalty Programs

Loyalty or reward programs are yet another technique to encourage repeat business. Savings deals, exclusive early access to newly released items, and a reward points system are all strategies to get consumers to come back, again and again. These may be especially effective when it comes to replenishable goods which individuals ought to obtain on a regular basis.

Use Retargeting to Boost Conversions

Retargeting may be used to bring back cart abandoners or users who visited your site but did not make a purchase. The benefit of retargeting is that you may contact users through adverts even if they were browsing your page as a visitor and did not log in. This may be implemented via code snippets on your website that evaluate their activity and preferences within your own channels as well as on external sites, or by uploading a client list. Machine learning may help you go even farther by recognizing trends in customers’ order history and predicting their subsequent actions, as well as determining which potential consumers are more expected to spend. As a result, you may make decisions correspondingly.


It’s normal for advertising to center around new client attainment throughout the initial phases of your business’s development. However, once you’ve secured your initial consumers, consider steadily moving your efforts to encourage recurring sales. A solid retention plan that incorporates machine learning and analytics may help you keep consumers coming back and produce repeat purchases.


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