A Container House Has These 7 Benefits

A Container House Has These 7 Benefits

Most homeowners must have realized by now that building a traditional house from scratch is both expensive and time-consuming. When you want to have an unmatched construction for a place to stay, then Portable Container homes are the ideal choice. Shipping steel, the same metal used to ship goods, is used in container construction.

In addition to their variety of sizes, they offer many advantages that traditional-built houses lack. Here are seven reasons why a container house is a better choice than a conventional house building:


Container houses are undoubtedly cheaper than traditional construction. For example, a 40-foot shipping container costs around $1,800 to $4,500 and provides 320 square feet of living space. A single family could live in 960 square feet of space for less than $15,000. You can get 960 square feet of living space for less than $15,000 by combining three Booms. Choose a 20-ft shipping container if you prefer a smaller option. Costs range between $1,500 and $3,000.


A container house, because it is made of steel, is extremely strong and durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions both on and offshore. Considering how tough the containers are, they can withstand 100 mph winds and up to 50 feet-high waves. The building structure can still remain structurally strong even if some steel is removed from windows and doors.


One way to help the environment is by having a container house. Almost half a million shipping containers get abandoned every year, producing a great deal of construction waste. By using recycled building materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint, and by eliminating the use of other construction materials harmful to the environment.

Simple to maintain

One of the main reasons why a container house is so popular today is that it is easy to maintain. As the construction is steel, you do not need to worry about pests, bugs, and rats ruining your home. Termites are a major issue in traditional-built homes, as they can cause structural damage. It will be impossible for rats’ teeth to penetrate a container.

Build Speed

Container houses can be built faster than other types of houses. Due to the fact that most of the construction is prefabricated, it is even easier and faster to assemble. A 6000-square-foot structure can be assembled within a few hours. Shipment container houses can be built in two days if they are finished in time.

The highest degree of portability

You, too, can travel around the world via shipping containers. Easy transportation makes it possible to move from cities, countries and even continents with this type of house. You can ship goods wherever you like, but keep cutting to an absolute minimum so the goods don’t stack up during transport.


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