Investing in Abu Dhabi Real Estate? Top Places to Check Out

Investing in Abu Dhabi Real Estate? Top Places to Check Out

The UAE is gaining more prominence with each passing day in the eyes of expats and locals. Given the increase in tourism and infrastructural developments set to change the landscape, real estate is booming. Recent trends in the market are showing no signs of slowing down in favour of investors and buyers. In addition to this, the incentives and lower interest rates offered by the government are further making things easy for buyers.

Even though it’s tough to find lower prices in the middle of the emirates, more projects are on the way. These are inevitably going to increase the additions to the overall real estate inventory and provide investors with better opportunities. The recent developments in and around Abu Dhabi are prime examples of how things are looking up for real estate investment.

You can check the following communities and residential neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi for your investment:

Al Reem

Unlike the rest of the islands in the UAE, Al Reem is perhaps the only one you’ll find that exists naturally. This sets the island apart as one of the most important locations in the emirate. Located just off the coast of Abu Dhabi, this island has earned its reputation for being one of the most demanded places in the country.

One of the most appealing aspects of Al Reem Island is that the property prices start from a lower bracket. While the community is also teeming with state of the art and upscale residences, it offers economic range brackets to encourage buyers of all social classes.

The most prominent factor that piques buyer interest in Al Reem is the fact that it’s the ideal community for families. Young couples or bachelors who’re moving in to start a new life will love the amenities available in the area. Top-tier schools, the Paris-Sorbonne University, countless retail and dining options, as well as gyms, parks and fitness centres, are all available on Al Reem.

Al Ghadeer

Although it’s situated outside Abu Dhabi, Al Ghadeer is rising in the list of best places in Abu Dhabi to invest in. Moreover, it’s at the ideal location for all those who wish to be between the two major emirates of the country. With the delay of the Expo-2020, the window of opportunity remains open for all those who didn’t have enough back then. Even now, there are various configurations available with the most popular real estate option being the famous Al Ghadeer Villas.

Every property in Al Ghadeer has been masterfully designed, structured and constructed. Stepping outside, you’ll find that the entire community is surrounded by parks and beaches. Banan Beach happens to be a very popular attraction in the area. Those who wish to have an active lifestyle can make the most of the scenic grass and sandy shores. In addition to this, malls, restaurants, retail options and leisure activities are available nearby.

Al Reef

Al Reef is the land parcel that has developed into one of the most flourishing places in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It’s also a highly-demanded residential community that’s offering state of the art amenities and facilities. Not only do you get in-house amenities, but you also get the chance to experience the community life in Al Reef. Along with this, all the possible retail options one can need are conveniently located nearby. The most obvious community that becomes the centre of attention is Al Reef Villas.

Al Reef nestles almost 2,376 villas divided into Arabian, Desert, Mediterranean and Contemporary themes according to their architectural designs. These are available in configurations of 2,3,4 and 5 bedrooms. Stepping outside the community, you’ll find the Al Reef Club, Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World and Busy Bee Entertainment. In addition to this, you’ll also have Al Rahba Entertainment Sports Club and the whole of Yas Island at your feet.

The nearest mall, located at a distance of 8 minutes, is the Yas Mall. You can also find My City Centre in Masdar City as well as Al Raha Mall. Moreover, dining options in the area are vast and full of variety. The most frequented restaurants in the area include:

  • 800 Pizza
  • Al Reef Mandi Restaurant
  • Calzone Cucina
  • Baithak Restaurant LLC
  • Rez B Haleeb

Given how it’s the perfect place to start a life, it’s no wonder the community is such a glorious investment opportunity.

So, there you have it. The list of the best places in Abu Dhabi to consider for investment. Now that you know where to look, don’t wait around! 


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