What to Look for in a Search for “Assisted Living Near Me”

What to Look for in a Search for “Assisted Living Near Me”

When an aging parent can no longer live at home safely, an assisted living community offers solutions. Although transitioning from familiar surroundings to a community requires adjustments, many seniors thrive in this type of environment. They enjoy safety and security, make new friends, and participate in various activities. 

Because the demand for senior services has increased, towns often include several communities, and it’s essential to choose the one that’s best suited for your parent’s needs. The key is to find the right location, assess housing and amenities, and carefully evaluate the staff.

Find the Best Location

An online search for “assisted living near me” will probably return a list of communities that offer all or some of the benefits you need. However, it’s best if the location is suitable for everyone concerned. Seniors often want to remain in familiar neighborhoods, but that may not be the ideal solution for their long-term welfare.

If a community is closest to one sibling, that person will probably visit the most often and may be designated to provide the most help when needed. If several brothers and sisters are involved, a location that allows easy access for everyone is the best bet. 

Evaluate Rooms or Apartments 

Once you have narrowed down your search, it is crucial to tour each community, beginning with housing. Apartments designed for assisted living are generally compact, easy to maintain, and comfortable. Caring.com experts suggest that you ask what decorations or other items your parent can bring with them. 

Many seniors enjoy downsizing to one of these smaller homes since it is easier to keep them tidy, although housekeeping is typically included in the cost of an apartment. It’s a good idea to ask what housekeeping services include.

Determine the Level of Assistance Provided 

The most common reason seniors move to an assisted living apartment is because they need help with daily living activities. If required, caregivers will typically assist with needs that include dressing and undressing, bathing, shaving, laundry, and cooking. With that in mind, be sure to ask what assistance residents can expect. Find out what services are included and which, if any, cost extra.

Pay Attention to the Staff

During a community tour, make a point to speak to staff members and get a feel for how cheerful they are. Also, note the staff-per-patient ratio. Per AARP, issues such as the COVID pandemic can stretch staffing thin, so it is essential to make sure your parent will have all the attention they need. Notice whether staff members are friendly with residents.

It’s also a good idea to visit unexpectedly and in the evenings, to see if there are enough caregivers. Most assisted living communities are lighter staffed at night. 

Moving an elderly parent to an assisted living community can make their life easier and happier, but it is critical to find the right community. Before choosing, decide on the best location and then tour communities in that area. Talk to staff, evaluate housing, and ensure that your parent will get all the help they need.


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