How to Properly Clean Your Brand-New Car

How to Properly Clean Your Brand-New Car

Tips to Follow to Retain Your New Vehicle’s Showroom Shine

There are so many perks when you get a brand-new car. First, you get every single safety and convenience feature in the book. You’ll get the most current technology and infotainment. And you get the comfort of knowing that you won’t have to worry about how a previous owner treated the car. The condition of the vehicle now squarely rests on your shoulders.

One of the things that new cars have that used cars don’t is that showroom glossy finish. Nothing is shinier or more eye-catching than a brand-new car.

So, how do you keep it that way?

What are the best practices when it comes to cleaning a new car?

Keep reading to get a detailed breakdown of how to properly clean a new vehicle. The next time you’re shopping for new cars for sale in Houston, you’ll know just how to care for them.

Before Cleaning the Car for the First Time

In case you were wondering, the reason your car looks so shiny on the showroom floor is that it’s covered in what’s referred to as a clear coat. A clear coat not only boosts the vehicle’s appearance but also provides a modest amount of protection. However, the clear coat doesn’t last forever. In fact, it fades off after about two weeks.

So, when’s the first time you can wash your new car? Two weeks…right around when the clear coat fades off.

The other thing you’ll need to get in order is the cleaning products. Things get a little subjective at this point because everyone has their own opinions as to which cleaning products are best. Additionally, some vehicles require gentler or stronger cleaning products. There are a couple of routes you can go here.

1.)Google the phase “best cleaning products for [insert make and model of the vehicle]”

2.)Speak with the experts at the dealership about which products they recommend

Once you have that information, get the cleaning products, some new microfiber cleaning towels, two buckets, a large sponge, and a soft bristle brush. If you’re shopping online, make sure you’re getting the kind of products that are intended for car washing.

Hand Washing a Vehicle

Start by washing the wheels of the vehicle since these accrue the most dirt and grime. Use a sponge on the face of the wheel and rim. For the area behind the wheel face, you can switch over to a washcloth and/or the soft bristle brush. Don’t overlook the brake rotors and calipers. Make sure to put in all the time it takes to get rid of all the grime. It will accumulate if you don’t address it.

For the body washing portion, you’ll need to break out the two buckets. One needs to be filled with soapy water and one needs to be filled with clean water. Use the soapy bucket of water and large sponge to address any dirt or grime that’s accumulated on the vehicle. Rinse all the soap suds off with a hose, then go over the car again with a sponge using the clean water bucket. There should be absolutely no soap residue left over. Once that portion of things is complete, you’re clear to use your microfiber towels to hand dry the vehicle.

By following this method, you’re effectively preventing any chance of getting a scratch or other flaw in your paint job from an automatic car wash. This method also ensures that every single inch of the vehicle is addressed, especially those areas behind the wheel face where most automatic car washes don’t get. It’s also worth noting that the car cleaning products you use will make all the difference when it comes to the vehicle’s final appearance. Don’t be afraid to invest in high-quality stuff.

Some other ways you can get your new car shining its brightest is by doing any of the following:

Get the car professionally waxed

Apply a sealant or ceramic coating to protect the paint

Apply a high-quality polish (intended for cars that have cosmetic defects in the paint job)

Finding a New Car for Sale Near You

If you’re looking for a new car, the good news is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. You can start by Googling the phrase “new cars for sale near me” and that should retrieve numerous local dealerships in your direct vicinity. You can also be more specific in your search by entering in the exact make and model of the vehicle that you want.

Remember, you can always ask the experts at the dealership about the best practices and products to use when cleaning your new car. Their advice will help you keep the car in the best condition possible.


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