Why Hire A Professional Bookkeeper For Your Business Organization?

Why Hire A Professional Bookkeeper For Your Business Organization?

When working for a business, you must first understand what the exact role of a bookkeeper is and what his/her responsibilities are. In layman’s terms, the role of a bookkeeper is to record the financial transactions of a business or organization. The bookkeeper keeps track of almost all company transactions, including bills paid, financial statements, tax records, payroll, salaries, and other monthly expenditures. The role of an accountant comes after all the records have been filtered and processed. A tax accountant’s role is to corroborate all the statements or records presented by the bookkeeper. Basically, the accountant interprets the data. Consequently, a bookkeeper must maintain the most accurate and authentic records. There is no room for error.

Responsibilities of a Full Charge Bookkeeper

A full-charge bookkeeper’s role is clearly defined. There are no ambiguities or contradictions in the job description of a bookkeeping professional. It is the total responsibility of one of these hired professionals to record all of the company’s daily or monthly financial transactions. Salaries, bills, stationery purchases, inventory purchase bills, and stock procurement price lists all fall into this category. Any transaction of a financial nature should be recorded by a full-charge bookkeeper that has been hired by a company to look after its monthly or yearly records and value-based transactions.

Where can you Find a Full Charge Bookkeeper?

That’s the million-dollar question! While browsing the web, there are several such bookkeeper profiles available to view. As a business or enterprise, however, you need to choose one with profound experience in this domain, authentic certification, professional qualification, and on-the-job experience in some of the biggest multinational or corporate organizations. Ageras, for example, can help you find an accountant or a bookkeeper in your region. All you have to do is fill up an online form on the company website, explaining your detailed requirements, and you will receive three ‘nonbinding’ or ‘no obligation’ quotes. After comparing them with other service providers, you can choose the professional or firm that best matches your business requirements. Nowadays, finding a decent bookkeeper has never been easier, since local service providers like Ageras have eased the selection process. There’s no need to post jobs in the classified section of the newspaper and wait for the perfect candidate to show up. Just review the quotes, and choose the best candidate. A full-time bookkeeper can be hired for your business by following this process.

A Bookkeeper Is Somewhat Similar To an Accountant

A lot of small businesses in the US do hire professional bookkeepers that also perform the services of an accountant. From the outside, both these designations might appear the same. However, there are certain differences between them. The accounting process can be handled by specialized bookkeepers. They handle business transactions and financial reports. Today, accounting software automates the process of generating reports, making it easier for accountants to access records and reports. As a result, accountants and bookkeepers play somewhat similar roles in financial accounting record keeping. Furthermore, an accountant can also serve as a consultant to a bookkeeper, helping him/her determine how to plan, design, and make records so that the accountant is able to understand the financial records. There is only one major difference between the two: A bookkeeper only requires a general understanding of the topic, while a CPA specializes in accounting and taxation.

When to Hire a Bookkeeper?

The services of a certified bookkeeper are essential for any small or midsize business enterprise or company. Almost all daily transactions are examined and recorded by one such professional who also has a good deal of accounting knowledge. In order to make any major investment decision, a company’s management and senior accounts teams must be able to verify the records provided by a bookkeeper. If you think that your organization’s daily financial records are not maintained properly, it is time to think about hiring a bookkeeping professional. The following factors determine when a bookkeeping service is required:

  • The types of business the company is involved in
  • The overall size of the company
  • Number of employees
  • Amount and volume of daily financial transactions performed
  • Whether or not the company requires financial or accounting support

Outsourcing Your Company’s Accounting Services to Bookkeepers

Fast-changing business dynamics make it essential to have a dedicated financial services support team, mainly accountants and bookkeepers. While they aren’t directly on your company’s payroll, they can be hired by a third party. With this service, your payroll and accounts department is kept up and running without employing an in-house staff, where responsibilities and costs increase. Therefore, it is always a good idea to find a source where you can locate authentic information about bookkeepers and accountants. There is no doubt that Ageras is a great place to find the best accounting and tax professionals for your business.


When you partner with Ageras, it has become much easier to find the best accounting professionals in your city in the US within a short period of time. If you need to hire a bookkeeper or accountant, this website provides you with quotes that you can compare. Any organization that wants to keep a complete record of daily transactions requires the services of a bookkeeper, which eventually aids in tax preparation, filing returns, managing payroll and salary increases, and controlling non-core expenditures by evaluating the profit & loss. Due to this, all small to midsize companies outsource their accounts department to third parties, allowing them to devote time to their core business.


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