Important things to Know About SMS Lån

Important things to Know About SMS Lån

SMS loans are short-term loans obtained using text messages. Getting them is the same as getting other kinds of loans. The only difference is that it takes place over text messaging.

Borrowers use SMS to transmit a loan application to the bank. Messages are also used to respond to the loan request. How can messages facilitate loan application and approval and how can an individual use them? All these inquiries will be addressed in this article.

SMS loans are very popular in so many countries as they are easy to get. There are several companies that provide this type of funding, and they use text messages to make their job easier. The proliferation of these companies makes it more difficult for one to choose a reliable option. If you need recommendations on reliable SMS loan companies to use.

Understanding SMS Loans

It takes a long time to complete loan documentation. Both parties can benefit from effective communication and this is where text messaging comes in. How straightforward are SMS loans? Here are some examples:

Messages Sent by Text are Always Read

SMS is always read. According to one study, 99 percent of messages are read within a few minutes. You will also find that text messages are read twice as fast as phone calls. Texting is also ten times more convenient than making phone calls. Obtaining a loan via SMS is easier and faster for the reasons indicated.

Automation Support

SMS automation is the transmission of text messages to users without the need for human intervention. This helps you save time. With SMS, it is simple to obtain a loan fast because the organization responds promptly to your request.

SMS adds a Personal Touch

SMS loans have a personal touch to them. The loan documentation is made faster by using an automatic response keyword feature. Keywords like TALK, HELP, and APPLY, for example, add a human touch to your text response. If you utilize any of those keywords, you will almost certainly receive a response.

Advantages of SMS Loans

Advantages of SMS Loans

Here are some benefits of this type of funding:

Quick Response

One of the advantages of SMS loans is how quickly they can be applied for. It is also simple to obtain funds immediately after applying for them. You will find that the money can be sent to your account the same day if you complete the requirements.

Ideal for Emergency

Obtaining a loan for an emergency is not always simple. Many financial institutions are picky about who they lend money to and this means that not all applications will be approved. Loan documentation takes a long time as well. SMS loans are easy to apply for and receive. You can swiftly attend to emergencies with these loans at any moment.


To apply, you only need a few basic qualifications. Your name, a valid ID card, monthly earnings, your financial condition, your home address, and other essential information are among these prerequisites.

In addition, the qualifications do not include a credit score. So, even if your credit score is bad, you can still acquire a loan.

Repayment on a Short-Term Basis

Short-term SMS loans are available. This implies that you’ll be able to pay them back quickly. This period could last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. With this, the borrower can conveniently choose a repayment term that’s more convenient.

No Collateral Requirements

This type of funding is largely unsecured as there are no collateral requirements before one can apply. Since you do not need to present any of your assets to successfully secure the funds you need, this funding option will be ideal for your needs.

While the benefits of this funding method may be mouthwatering, it is important that you also know that there are downsides attached to it. Please continue reading as we outline some of them.

Disadvantages of SMS Loans

Here are a few downsides to look out for:

High-Interest Rates

This type of credit always comes with a higher interest rate than others. This might have a negative impact on a person’s finances because it leads to debt. Because it is a short-term loan, it must be paid back quickly. It’s possible that one may not find the repayment term convenient and this can also be a problem.

Lacks Flexibility 

The response to SMS loan is automated, as it is set up in such a way that you are unable to file a complaint with the financial institution.

Changes in Personal Information

The microloan institution will ask for some basic details when you are asking for financing via messaging. They can request your phone number and other financial information. In the event that your phone number changes, the lender will no longer recognize it.

A change in bank account information might affect your ability to secure a loan. Without validation, the loan amount can go to the wrong account. Also, keep in mind that validation services are not available with all lenders. This is why selecting a licensed microloan company is critical.

It Can be a Financial Trap

Text messages, unlike other forms of bank credit, make getting a loan incredibly simple. This convenience might also be a financial trap. You cannot change your mind because you can acquire the loan within hours of applying.


Some micro-loan firms may spam a person’s phone number. They can keep sending texts to your phone number. This can be annoying and difficult to stop. You can read up on how to stop receiving spam messages if you are tired of getting unsolicited messages.

Additional Fees

Late payments may incur additional fees from microloan companies. They can easily raise their interest rates and late repayment penalty. This can have an impact on a borrower’s credit score. It may result in debt. It’s possible that thinking about how to pay off this debt can cause stress and can also disrupt a person’s daily activities if care is not taken.

Ruins Your Credit Rating

SMS loans are appealing since they are simple to obtain, but your credit score may be affected if you do not repay the loan. Paying off debts fast is one approach to improving your credit score, but this may not be achievable with this type of funding. To balance it out, the loan has a short term of 6 to 12 months. If you don’t pay when it’s due, your credit score will reduce.

Long-term loans are not approved for individuals with bad credit. Only SMS loans get easily approved for people under this category but keep in mind that they are largely responsible for a bad credit score. This is because they offer loans without proper checks on creditworthiness. 


When a loan is paid off early, some microloan providers charge fees. These penalties can be severe at times. When borrowers pay off their loans fast, the lender loses money. Some lenders may impose a penalty to avoid this. You will find that the borrower’s credit may be affected by prepayment penalties. Watch this video to learn more about the prepayment penalty and how to avoid it.


Financial needs do not have a timeline. Sometimes the urgency of a financial need can make one look for solutions from different sources. One way to get funds is through the use of SMS loans. They are easy and very fast to get. However, there are risks attached to it, and borrowers are advised to only apply for these loans from recognized microlending firms. 

This article outlined some vital tips to guide you if you are looking to obtain this loan. Feel free to check them out. You can also share it with others who may need this information.


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