What to look out for before you hire an office cleaning service provider

What to look out for before you hire an office cleaning service provider

Any business owner wants to keep their workplaces looking clean. While people like cleanliness, it is usually hard to get rid of the mess yourself, especially if it’s a commercial property. The good thing about hiring a commercial cleaning company is that it can keep your office tidy leading to improved productivity of your employees.

No doubt, attempting to get the expected results can be hard if you do the cleaning on your own. This is why it’s crucial to research to find a suitable commercial cleaning company. This article explains what to look out for before you hire an office cleaning service provider.

Look for references

Any reputable cleaning company tends to have many happy customers. Ideally, if you have to hire a cleaning company before, it’s a good idea to search for one. A good office cleaning company tends to have many customers who leave reviews about their experiences with a particular company.

You can use social media to search for potential cleaning companies in your area. Besides this, you can also ask your business partners, employees, and even close friends if they are aware of any commercial cleaning company. Once they identify some of these cleaning companies, ask them about their opinions on the services offered.

Knowing referrals can be a good way you can know the advantages and disadvantages of a specific cleaning company. You should make sure that you only consider the commercial cleaning companies that have good ratings on the internet.

Employees of the cleaning company

You should also remember to ask a potential cleaning company if they have full-time employees or they have contract workers. In most cases, contract workers don’t get the same benefits that employees enjoy. It can be cheaper to get contract workers, but they are sometimes not properly trained or reliable.

This is because some cleaning companies believe that they are easy to replace. As a result, these companies don’t invest a lot in the work they do for their clients. No wonder, such cleaning companies can move on to another client because they know that they made little investment in the work they were supposed to do.

On the other hand, cleaning companies with employees tend to have a better setup. These companies usually have more oversight and input over their employees. They also invest a lot in their employees, so the employees can be more accountable to their employers. Keep in mind that the employees need to pay taxes, and the employer pays these taxes on behalf of its employees.

Understand the cleaning company you want to hire

It’s important to know more about a cleaning company that will be coming to your workplace, so you need to check its references. Simply put, a good cleaning company needs to be genuine with consistent employees, meaning it should not be a company that has random people coming to clean your office.

It’s worth noting that when you hire an office cleaning company, you will be letting people into your most important place which keeps some valuable items. Therefore, you need to ask the cleaning company if it interviews and does a background check on its employees. A good cleaning company can also do a criminal check on its employees. Even better, a company needs to offer you the same cleaners regularly.

That said, a good cleaning company needs to have safety precautions in place. Hence, the company should have well-trained and skilled cleaning employees. It’s a good idea to deal with cleaning workers who are certified. If the cleaning company has workers who are not certified when it comes to safety, many lives can be at risk.

Cleaning supplies

A cleaning company can either use its cleaning supplies or you can supply your own. Some cleaning companies prefer their customers to supply the cleaning materials, and they assist them to know exactly what they want. For example, they can decide to sell kits or offer them a shopping list that is based on the requirements of their customers. Some cleaning materials like a mop need to be used in one property to prevent the waste from being transferred to another property.

Also, each office has different needs when it comes to people, finishes, and many more. Therefore, an office cleaning company has to use the right tools and products on each surface. It’s a good idea to provide your tools to avoid or reduce harm to surfaces and cross-contamination.

When you decide to hire a cleaning company, you should find out the cancellation policy or the conditions for changing their services. It’s a good idea to have the policy to avoid incurring any surprise fees. Most cleaning companies usually put a cancellation fee just because it can be challenging to reschedule cleaners when there is not enough time. After all, the cleaning company also has to be compensated for their lost wages. It’s crucial to have this information so that you can make good plans and even prepare for scheduling problems.

Type of cleaning services

Choosing a professional cleaning company usually depends on the type of cleaning services you are looking for. If you have a small business and operate in a small building, then there are good chances that you will be supervising the cleaning services. This is because you only need a few services like carpet cleaning, power scrubbing, and floor cleaning.

On the other hand, larger businesses can require more services including window washing and high-dusting. Therefore, make sure that the potential cleaning company meets the needs of your business. Then you can figure out if the specific cleaning company offers these services or not. Firstly, you can create a basic list of items you may require to have clarity about what you may need from the potential cleaning company.

Above all, you need to check for affordability. You should remember that each business tends to have a specific budget for cleaning. Therefore, you need to look at your budget before you decide to get a cleaning company. You can make sure that you will have great value for your money and get an affordable commercial cleaning company.


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