The 4 Advantages of Pneumatic Grease Guns

The 4 Advantages of Pneumatic Grease Guns

A garage or workshop isn’t complete until you have a pneumatic grease gun. There are also small pneumatic grease guns for hobbyists, so they do not have to be limited to commercial garages. It uses compressed air and pistons to force the Grease pump from the nozzle to the desired location using a pneumatic grease gun. You had to use battery-operated grease guns or grease cans, which were messy and ineffective. Using a pneumatic grease gun has several distinct advantages that will be outlined in the following article.

1. Prevents Waste

Every tinkerer has to use grease, oil, or lube around the garage with their vehicles. It is always necessary to use lubricant when rebuilding a classic automobile or fixing up a lawnmower. You can precisely measure the amount of oil you will use by pulling the trigger on a pneumatic grease gun. Waste can be minimized this way. Pneumatic grease guns prevent waste. It is almost certain that you will use more grease than is necessary by trying to lubricate a ball bearing by hand. The bearing could seize if you do not use enough. The pneumatic grease gun prevents waste and provides an accurate amount of grease.

2. Better Saturation

Maintaining the life of a vehicle and its components relies heavily on getting grease where it’s needed. Another device that disperses grease sprays a shot of grease over the area. Using a pneumatic grease gun, you can get right into the area where the grease is needed. When you squeeze the trigger, the grease is forced directly into the area and not in a general direction.

3. Longevity

You need products that will last for years if you own a shop or rebuild machinery on a regular basis. It may be more expensive to buy quality equipment from the start, but in the long run, you’ll save money since you won’t have to replace it as often. When properly maintained and cared for, a pneumatic grease gun can last for over a decade.

4. Accuracy and speed

When you work in a shop environment where you are paid equally by quantity and quality, you need to be able to get the little things out of the way quickly. It takes time to rebuild engines and transmissions, so you do not want to waste time greasing up the moving parts.

You can grease the entire underside of a car or truck with a pneumatic grease gun in under a minute. You can have more than one vehicle greased in a few minutes if you have more than one vehicle on a lift. If you’re using battery-powered or push cans it’ll take several minutes per vehicle, and that’s assuming you can accurately squirt oil where it’s needed.


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