Top Class Core i5 Desktop Computers for Video Editing

Top Class Core i5 Desktop Computers for Video Editing

Desktop PCs are the right devices for power-demanding tasks, such as video editing. Computer PCs offer the best possible specs at given prices than laptops. And when it comes to putting productivity with affordability, Core i5 PCs are the ultimate choice. They can easily run video editing software and can handle graphically intensive tasks. Plus, there is always room for hardware improvement in case you need more power.

Is Core i5 good for video editing?

Yes, Core i5 PCs are good devices for video editing. However, it also depends on the type of tasks that you want them to take up. Core i5 desktop PCs can edit and render videos depending on the processor. The older generation computer PCs can help you with editing and rendering videos for a few minutes.

High-end Core i5 PCs with of latest generation processors are more suitable for the task. They can edit high-resolution videos and can render longer videos.

Top Core i5 Desktop PCs for Video Editing

We have rounded up 3 computer PCs with Core i5 processors. These are ideal for the job and offer a balanced set of specs. So, you can expect brilliant productivity at an affordable price.

  • Dell OptiPlex 7080 – Powerful Core i5 PC for Video Editing

Processor: Intel Core i5-10500 / 3.1GHz Max. Turbo Speed 4.5GHz

Memory Size: 16 GB

Storage Capacity: 256 GB SSD

Graphics: Intel UHD 630

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Weight:  Around 13.05 lbs (5.92kg)

The first model from Core i5 PCs on our list is the OptiPlex 7080. This is a powerful device from Dell PCs’ range with all the right specs.

  • Design & Build

For video editors, there is no better choice than this one. It comes in black color with a small form factor (SFF) chassis which weighs about 13.05 lbs (5.92kg). Dell has placed Feet Pads on both the bottom and right side of its case. So, you can easily place it horizontally or vertically without scratching the case.

  • Ports & Connectivity

Ports are distributed on the front and rear panels like other desktops PCs. On the top right, it features the power button followed by an SD card reader slot and combo audio jack. Then there are two USB-A 2.0 ports placed together along with a USB-A 3.2 (gen. 2) port and a modern USB-C 3.2 (Gen. 2) port. Also, there is an optional DVD-RW drive that can offer additional support.

The rear side features four more USB-A ports, two DisplayPort 1.4, and an optional HDMI 2.0 output connection.

  • Hardware & Performance

The processor on Dell OptiPlex 7080 is Core i5-10500. This is a 10th generation CPU that promises a 3.1GHz base frequency and can deliver up to 4.5GHz clock speed. The pre-installed Windows 10 Pro OS offers additional security and business features. It has 16 GB memory with 256 GB of SSD storage that works well with the i5-10500 processor.

The OptiPlex 7080 has more encouraging hardware than other Core i5 PCs. Dell has designed it keeping in mind the needs of media editors and creative professionals. It can handle graphics-intensive workloads and supports high-end 215 W-class GPUS.

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n – Affordable Choice for Video Editing

Processor: Intel Core i5-8265U / 1.6GHz Max. Turbo Speed 3.9GHz

Memory Size: 8 GB

Storage Capacity: 256 GB SSD

Graphics: Intel UHD 620

OS: Windows 10 Pro

The ThinkCentre M90n is our pick from the range of Lenovo PCs. This is an affordable option for budget-minded users who do not want to miss on specs.

  • Design & Build

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n is the latest addition to nano desktop PCs. It follows the same traditional color scheme that you might have already seen on ThinkCentre PCs. The top panel is charcoal grey whereas the base is red, which gives a thin red accent. The side panels are matte black which makes it a modern device for your home and office.

  • Ports & Connectivity

Despite its small frame, the ThinkCentre M90n features an impressive array of ports. On the front, there are two USB-A ports that have a universal audio jack on the right and a USB-C port on the left. The power button is placed on the far-left side of the front panel.

On the rear side, there is an Ethernet jack, a DisplayPort output, another USB-C port, and two more USB-A ports. Sadly, it lacks an HDMI output as well as an internal Wi-Fi antenna. However, you can cover these flaws by getting an HDMI adapter and external antenna for wireless connectivity.

  • Hardware Selection

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n features the Core i5-8265U that runs on Windows 10 Pro and offers a 1.6GHz base speed. This is an 8th generation Core i5 processor that can deliver up to 3.9GHz clock speed. Additionally, it has an 8 GB memory, 256 GB SSD storage, and Intel UHD 620 GPU. You can add a discreet graphics card as per your video editing needs.

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  • HP Compaq Elite 8300 – Cheap Core i5 for Video Editing

Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 / 3.2GHz Max. Turbo Speed 3.6GHz

Memory Size: 4 GB

Storage Capacity: 1 TB HDD

Graphics: Intel HD 2000

OS: Windows 7 Pro

Weight: About 16.7 lbs (7.6kg)

The last model from Core i5 PCs on our list is the Elite 8300. It is an entry-level choice for those who are on a tight budget leash.

  • Design & Ports

This is a small form factor model from desktop PCs. It weighs about 16.7 lbs (7.6kg) and comes in black chassis. This is a compact body with some space for upgradation in case you want to update the hardware. The port selection is not like other HP PCs, as it lacks HDMI output and an eSATA port. However, there are ten USB-A ports and a VGA port.

  • Hardware selection

The processor on HP Compaq Elite 8300 is Core i5-3470. This is an old CPU with clock speeds ranging from 3.2GHz and 3.6GHz. It packs 1TB of hard drive storage with 4 GB of RAM which will work fine. However, if you need a speedy system, you will need to upgrade it by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Finding suitable desktop computer PCs for video editing is challenging. You need to set your budget range and then pick specs accordingly. Our selection of Core i5 PCs has models that cover a wide price range and specs. However, if you want to browse some more desktop PCs, explore our full range at Laptop Outlet.


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