Top Careers For Video Game Enthusiasts

Top Careers For Video Game Enthusiasts

The video gaming segment has come a long way since the era of Duck Hunt and Pong. Back then, it was only directed to children and the teenage group. Therefore, it didn’t seem too exciting for a job seeker. The industry wasn’t too prominent as well. 

However, this scenario has changed entirely, especially in 2022. 

Now, the gaming segment has become a multi-billion dollar mainstay that’s only comparable to the trade of television or movies. Therefore, the opportunity of getting a job would be much easier in this aspect. 

But, what are some of the top career prospects available here? 

Let’s find out. 

Career Options For A Gamer 

When talking about getting a career in the video gaming industry, the streamer is the first name that comes to our mind. It’s pretty logical, too, you know. Just download a game from The Pirate Bay, sit in front of a camera, open Twitch, and start playing. 

However, it’s not the only option you have. 

If you are creative and efficient enough, you can choose anyone from the following. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about it. 

Option – 1: Game Artist

The responsibility of a video game artist is to design the characters, weapons, environments, and everything else you see while playing a title. Aside from sketching up something, you will also need to animate it properly to check if everything looks perfect or not. 

As an artist, you will also need to work with the director of the game. They will tell you about how they want the character to run, talk, or slash their enemies. 

Option – 2: Audio Programmer 

An audio engineer, as you can guess, is responsible for creating and recording the music of a game. Aside from this, they will also need to know how to develop and integrate a voice-over and sound effects into the same correctly. 

Games like Street Fighter, which have a massive collection of characters, have different theme songs for everyone. Creating these will fall under the job role of an audio programmer too. 

Option – 3: Writer 

The story writing of a video game has become pretty complicated from how it was back then. Just compare the storyline of Red Dead Redemption and Super Mario, and you’ll understand what we are talking about. 

As a writer, you will need to jot down the premise of a game, write the background of the characters, and curate dialogues between them. Besides, working on the instruction manual or tutorial of the title will fall upon you too.

Option – 4: Game Designer 

The job of a game designer may not seem much at first, but it’s, in truth, a headache, trust us. In this aspect, you won’t have to draw or design anything by yourself. Nonetheless, you will need to ensemble a team that makes your dream of a game designer come true. 

For example, you will decide on how a character should walk or talk, direct the environment, and write the game’s overall purpose.

Option – 5: Game Programmer 

Oooh, it’s a difficult one. The job of a game programmer is to code anything and everything that a designer asks them to do. For example, have you seen how realistically Geralt runs his horse? Well, it was coded by a game programmer of CD Projekt Red. 

As a programmer, you will also need to take care of how a player controls the playable character properly. Depending on the budget, you’ll also have to work with advanced techs like AI or artificial intelligence. 

Option – 6: Game Tester 

Yes, you have guessed it right. As a game tester, you will get to play the game before anyone else out there. However, that doesn’t mean your job will be easy at all. 

As you are playing the game before anyone else, it’s your responsibility to find out whatever is wrong with the game. Besides, you must find out if the game is lagging in someplace or if there’s an issue with graphics or not.

In Conclusion 

As a gaming enthusiast, you’ll get quite a lot of opportunities to entitle yourself to the game industry. 

Hence, it falls upon you how you can make the most of your skill set and offer your best in the industry. 

Good luck! 


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