9 Powerful Ways Social Proof Can Grow E-Commerce Conversions

9 Powerful Ways Social Proof Can Grow E-Commerce Conversions

The field of e-commerce is over-crowded and most of the entrepreneurs follow the same set of marketing strategies to push their ecommerce platform in the market. So the online market has become more competitive. This is why starting an e-commerce platform is quite a challenging one and everyone cannot be successful unless or until you take a unique path in reaching people. Still, you need to gain peoples’ trust only then you can expect the traffic to your shopping cart software.

People need to check on social proof to gain trust in your e-commerce platform. As per the recent survey, a buyer will check for the reviews of the product before he buys them online. So the product needs to have some positive reviews that will make the buyer decide on purchasing the same.  So social proof is very effective that can also be a game-changer and can bring unexpected conversion rates to your e-commerce platform. Now let us check out how social proof plays the main role in your sale conversion.

Increase your customer ratings and reviews of your e-commerce shopping cart software

Most of the e-commerce platform owners ignore the importance of ratings and reviews about the product. They put more effort into delivering a quality product but they miss registering the feedback from their customers. You can increase the reviews but following your customers through email and get their feedback after selling the product. You can also influence the buyers by including a review badge for each product that will impress the customers and will make them buy the product. This is a default aspect that the best e-commerce platform will have.

Leverage the product interest in the e-commerce software

The products are the key factor that needs more attention in your e-commerce platform. You need to highlight the product features with effective content that can easily attract buyers to your shopping cart software. Also, you need to show off the count of buyers who has already purchased the same product. When the count is high then the trust in the product will automatically increase. Also, show how much demand the product has in the market. Intimate your customers when there are new arrivals of the products of their interest. When the product goes out of stock you need to inform your customers about it and create an urge in them to buy the product once the stock is filled again.

Highlight your security seals and badges of your e-commerce platform

You need to always remind customers that your platform is the best e-commerce platform in the market. When it comes to online business, people highly worry about security. They will not be comfortable shopping with an unsecured e-commerce platform. In this case, you need to display your SSL certificate on your home page that will assure a secured transaction and your buyers will never hesitate to buy in your e-commerce platform. Also, you would have received badges and awards praising your performance. Those badges and awards need to be placed in your e-commerce platform and this will ultimately increase the credibility of your shopping cart software.

Show the influencer’s view and their testimonials

Getting an influencer for your e-commerce platform is an important thing that you need to do to uplift the performance of your e-commerce software.  Your influencer will already have a bunch of followers who believe his opinion. When the influencer shares a positive review about your product then all his followers will get a good opinion about your product. This will increase your site traffic and will get you more genuine leads to convert into sales. Make sure you select the right influencer who is relevant to your field. You can also get your customers’ testimonials as a video or a text and can post them on your social media accounts. This will get you more customers and you can expect great business with your e-commerce platform.

Utilize referral marketing for your e-commerce platform

Still people strongly a product when they come to know through word-of-mouth. They believe their friends and they trust their experience with your e-commerce platform. We may spend more on traditional marketing but we should also focus on referral marketing that can get new more new customers to your e-commerce platform. When you have a perfect referral marketing plan then you can change your customers into your brand ambassadors. They will speak about your product and they will take care of the marketing part for your shopping cart software.

Show your popularity with statistical counts

You may have more followers in your social media channels but this will not be known to a user who visits your e-commerce platform for the first time. So you need to display the count of fan followers of your social media accounts on your home page. You need to be more specific about mentioning each channel and its followers or subscribers count. By doing this you can show how popular you are among the latest generation and how active you are on all digital platforms. This will give higher reach and brand visibility among your target audience and you can expect a good turnover with your e-commerce platform.


It is high time to use social proof to get conversion for your e-commerce platform. You need to make use of all the above-mentioned tips so that your e-commerce platform will gain special attention from the target audience. Also, make sure you do not manipulate the counts and always provide a genuine report to your audience. Because if you lose their trust once then it is very difficult to gain them back. Promote your e-commerce platform with proper planning and implement your plan effectively and wait with patience for your results to come for building ecommerce website. You will succeed in your online business with your e-commerce platform and will be able to survive the digital market by all means.


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