Eight Benefits of Preschool You May Not Know About

Eight Benefits of Preschool You May Not Know About

Most of us would attribute our first schooling experiences to kindergarten, but did you know that there are now a large number of kids that actually attend programs prior to that? Preschools, like this top-rated Summit preschool, have become an increasing trend, and many parents have started to send their kids to these preschools at the tender age of three to four. What are the reasons for this? Are there certain benefits that a child can get from attending preschool that they may not be able to do so when they are older? Indeed, some parents are skeptical of the true benefits that these preschool systems can bring about, while others firmly believe in certain skills that their children can acquire at that age that will be useful for them in the future. 

Did you know there is actually a critical period in the human brain, where the amount of development increases exponentially? That’s right, between birth and the age of six, a child’s brain actually develops at a much faster rate. Hence, preschool might actually speed up their development greatly. Are you still not yet convinced? Well, read more to know about the top eight benefits of preschool that most people are unaware of when it comes to the benefits of preschool.

Eight unknown benefits of attending preschool

As mentioned earlier, attending preschool may bring about many positive advantages for your child in the long run. Although these benefits may not be obvious or instantaneous, they can definitely be observed in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention, putting your child in a preschool may actually help you save on costs for getting a babysitter or sending your kid to daycare. Hence, you can leave your child in preschool without having to worry, while at the same time, being reassured that they are learning and growing.

1. Preschool helps children adjust to kindergarten.

For children who only start their schooling in kindergarten, it may seem like a huge adjustment that they have to make. Especially since it is their first introduction to a classroom setting, and being surrounded by other kids their age, can be very daunting for them. Hence, preschool can provide a smooth form of transition for these children, and help them adjust and adapt to their new environment a lot more easily. 

Not only does this exposure to a classroom environment help with their transition, but it can also serve as a solid form of preparation for them in terms of the structure of a school setting, and helping the child know what to expect in a schooling setting. As the child gets used to the typical curriculum and timetable of a normal school day, they are also able to develop good habits like washing their hands before eating and taking responsibility for their own items.

2. Preschool teaches children to follow directions.

To all the parents out there, you will definitely know about the struggles of having to constantly repeat yourself and nagging at your child over and over again. And most times, even after the constant nagging, the child still refuses to acknowledge and listen. At times, it may seem pointless to get your child to listen to you. That is where preschool can come in and help out with that.

Preschool actually helps to train and teach the child how to listen to instructions, and follow basic instructed directions. Take, for example, learning how to queue up, and knowing the steps to take when washing hands. These simple tasks actually add up in the long run, and this gives children the opportunity to learn how to respect adults and acknowledge their authority.

3. Preschool establishes social and emotional development.

Much of the learning that is done in preschool serves more to develop various social skills than practical academic skills. Some examples of various social skills one may develop are being able to share things, taking turns, being able to empathize with others, and also regulating their own emotions. These are the core skills that one requires in order to develop and work on other qualities of their life.

4. Publicly funded preschool can save parents money.

Education is definitely a huge price that one has to fork up, and childcare is no exception. With these additional costs borne by parents, it can result in additional financial stress and burden, and lead to other repercussions further down the line.

Hence, preschool actually presents as a budget-friendly option, while still providing a form of high-quality education to the child, especially during these important years. For parents who are struggling financially, there are actually many free preschools that have been publicly funded by the government. By sending your child to a preschool instead of childcare, you can actually save a huge amount of money in the long run.


5. Preschool encourages physical development.

The environment of a preschool definitely encourages children to be active, helping to improve their motor skills and overall can help them live a healthy life. These skills can also help with their self-confidence, which is critical for their future.

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6. Preschool provides opportunities for play.

Letting your child ‘play’ may seem undesirable and not a good thing. However, play actually unlocks a lot about the child and helps them develop further along in life. It can be extremely beneficial, especially at this tender age.

7. Preschool can reduce the need for special education services.

Special education services have been known to help the children out there who are developmentally slower than average, and preschool may actually help with that. There has been researching conducted to show that children who attend good preschools actually require less special attention when it comes to lagging behind developmentally in their classes in later years.

8. Preschool contributes to education equality.

Finally, it has also been reported that preschool can actually help to reduce education inequality, especially among different races, income as well as country regions.



All in all, preschool has many benefits that many are not aware of, and if you are thinking of sending your child to a preschool, we hope this article convinces you to do so.


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