5 Benefits of a Cloud Translation Management System

5 Benefits of a Cloud Translation Management System

The business world of today is driven by globalization, a process that is rapidly breaking down geographical boundaries and bringing together various actors on a global stage. As businesses seek to maximize their revenue potential by entering uncharted markets, localization has emerged as an absolute necessity for commercial success.

In today’s globalized and digitalized world, a cloud translation management system can help create well-targeted, localized content. Using this modern-day translation tool has a number of advantages.

Translates more accurately

There are a number of features available with cloud translation management systems that can improve translation quality. It ensures that content translated for foreign markets is accurate and understandable to a target audience. A brand’s localization efforts will be ruined if cultural mistakes in translation ruin sales copy, web copy, designs for mobile applications, or promotional emails.

Automates the management of files

Cloud translation management systems automate a variety of organization workflows and processes, which can benefit human language translators. As opposed to traditional localization methods, a centralized database eliminates the need for constant file exchange between teams. A shared style guide and glossary, an in-context editor, revision history, translation memory, and much more are also available for localization teams.

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Portable and easy to use

The major advantage of a cloud-based translation management system is that translators can access files from anywhere and at any time. Physical drives are required for storing sourced and translated files in traditional translation systems. Using a cloud translation management system eliminates the need for these drives, resulting in better speed and efficiency. A new linguist can easily take up where a former one left off if a linguist needs to be replaced.

  • Hundreds of data points can be used to determine the best solution at each decision point. It all comes down to efficiency.

Saves Time

Time is money is an age-old adage that is followed wholeheartedly by organizations. For a business to succeed in an international market, it needs to respond quickly to localization trends before its competitors do. With a cloud translation management system, you can significantly reduce the time needed to translate content and offer trending products or services to people in different countries. Since such systems don’t require a lot of human intervention, translation-ready content can flow smoothly and quickly between localization teams.

  • Workflows can be automated, communication can be more effective, and deadlines can be managed better. Everything is about saving time.

Resulting in high monetary savings

Cloud translation management systems give localization teams a holistic view of all translation projects so they can make informed decisions. Using only human translators requires a significant amount of financial investment. A cloud translation management system, however, is more cost-effective since translation projects can be completed more quickly. Managers of translation projects can easily track how much of their budget goes toward localization. As a result, they are able to calculate their ROI for specific marketing campaigns, content, assets, languages, etc.

Managing translations in the cloud: Conclusion

When it comes to expanding your business into new markets and generating new streams of revenue, a cloud translation management system is worth your investment. If you want the best in such systems, Localize has the capabilities and tools to meet your localization needs across all devices and platforms. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you succeed in your international marketing efforts.


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