Best Physical Therapist for Shoulder pain

Best Physical Therapist for Shoulder pain

Shoulder pains are not pleasant and we depend on our hands and shoulders when we want to move stuff. If the pains become unbearable or you feel helpless, then you better seek help from Petroski Physio.

At Petroski Physiology, we use a simple therapeutic method to deal with all kinds of pains, including the pain you now feel in your shoulder. Our team has many trained experts who understand how much pain you feel and know what needs to be done to relieve your pain.

How to Cure a Shoulder Pain

There isn’t a day that you don’t need or use your shoulders. So if your shoulder pain is left untended to, you might have a bigger problem dealing with your daily routine. As the best physical therapist for shoulder pains, we’ve come up with a guide on how you can tackle shoulder pain on your own.

The demand from our shoulders is much, and we use them every day. Contrary to what you might believe, the shoulder is not just a joint. So, let’s introduce you to the shoulder and how you can take care of it:

Firstly, we must emphasize again that the shoulder is not a single joint. Its make-up is that of multiple joints. Together, these joints help us with the stability, rotation, and heavy lifting we use our shoulders for. Joints in the shoulders help join muscles and tendons together for a unified purpose.

The shoulder is a build-up made of the neck, clavicle, scapula, rib, humerus, and thoracic region of the body. All these components of the shoulder build-up are what contribute to the functionality of our shoulders.

Identifying the cause of your shoulder pain is the first step to working out a perfect routine for treating your shoulder pain. Best Physical Therapist for Shoulder pain

We should establish the fact that there is some shoulder pain that can only be treated by surgery. Examples are dislocation and bone fractures. After medical surgery, you’d need to go through a rehabilitation process which wouldn’t be easy. At Petroski Physio, you’d get the best therapist on-hand that would help you get back to using your shoulders in no time. Other common causes of shoulder pain are arthritis, instability, impingement or overdrive of the shoulder, rotor cuff tendonitis, Bicep tendonitis, frozen shoulder, and Bursitis.

Exercising to fight shoulder Pain

If you are afflicted with any shoulder pain for more than two or three weeks, consult with us at Petroski physio. Over time some shoulder pains get worse, and you’d need experienced professionals to battle the pain.

However, if you feel your pains don’t need an expert, here are some exercises that we’ve put together with the best physical therapist for back pain. Now here’s the magic: with these simple exercises, you can eliminate your shoulder pain in less than a week.

The Pendulum Exercise

Effective for battling shoulder pain, the pendulum exercise can be done sitting or standing up depending on what works for you.

While standing, you can rest your good arm on a table and lean over a bit. Relax the other arm(where you feel the pain)  and let it hang free. Gently begin to swing the relaxed arm making small circular motions with it. As you go, you can make an even bigger circular motion.

While sitting, place your two feet wide apart and rest the good arm on one knee and relax the painful arm on the other. Start swinging the relaxed arm making a circular motion with it.

It would be best if you tried this exercise for 5 minutes and three times a day. Change the direction of the circular motion after you’ve done it for one minute.

Arm Stretching

Hold your bad arm across your chest. With the palm of your good arm, hold the elbow of the bad arm across the chest. The good arm would act as support. Hold the position for up to 30 seconds.  Repeat the process for 4 minutes.

Neck exercise

Sit up straight and gently tilt your chin towards your chest just until you can feel a strain at the back of your neck. Alternate it by leaning your neck towards the right and left shoulder. Hold each stretch for a minute before you continue. Also, take deep and heavy breathing to help you maximize the effort.

Chest Exercise

You need an expansion band for this exercise. Hold the band with both hands while trying to move your shoulders towards each other gently. You can alternate this with lifting your chin towards the ceiling. Always hold for about 30 seconds before you continue.


Don’t just stick with self-medication; consulting the best physical therapist for back pain is important. Shoulder pains shouldn’t be handled with levity. However, you don’t have to worry too much if it’s not severe. By proper exercising, people have dealt with the worst of shoulder pains you too can. Go for it!


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