How to Start A Blog in 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

How to Start A Blog in 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

So you want to know how to write a blog. It is a fantastic idea to write and convey your message and thoughts through writing. There is so much information online or on Google that how to write it. 

If you are a writer and want to share your ideas through writing then blogging is a perfect way and publicize your work in the market or get a good amount of work. Starting to write a blog can be a little bit confusing but at the same time with the right guidance, you can start writing it.

One of the best ways to learn to blog is to start a blog and share your thoughts with the world. Starting a blog isn’t as hard as you think, in fact, you can set up a complete blog in 15 minutes even if you have a newbie. 

Here is a complete guide on how to start a blog from scratch that makes money online.

Choose domain name 

Your domain name is your identity or your front face in front of viewers however it doesn’t matter what niche you choose. But it is best to start using a variation of your name as a writer because you are a brand name itself. But if is not available, you can use the writer at the end of your name.

There are plenty of domain name generators that will save you time by suggesting thousands of unique domain names in a few seconds. Make sure you choose a website name that is easy to remember and has your main keyword in it.

On the other hand, you can select a unique blog name but remember your targeted audience and interest may change as you write on different categories. 

Buying a hosting package

The next step is to select a perfect and suitable web host plan for your blog. Does the question arise in your mind what is a web host? Your hosting organization does all the specialized magic to ensure your site shows up when individuals type your area name into their program. At the end of the day, it’s quite significant.

The performance and functionality of your website will depend on your hosting plan. These hosts make sure that it is available 24/7 for potential readers and it is a place where you store all your data and files online. Sometimes the hosting company will give a free domain in the first year of buying it.

Install WordPress

You have different options for blogging platforms but WordPress is the best platform. It is not free but it is easy to learn, offers a variety of themes, and has an online community and plenty of plugins that make blogging accessible to everyone. 

WordPress has an amazing feature that allows you to change themes with just a few clicks. The most important thing is that it should be easy to navigate if you want that viewers should stay. If it is tricky and difficult to move they lose interest because the design is a subjective art. 

Write and publish blog content

WordPress CMS is organized such that you can distribute your content as Posts or Pages. Before publishing a blog make sure that you fill all the pages with content.

Homepage – It depends on what type of layout you choose. When customizing your blog you can select to display the home page as a static page. 

About Us – The most traditional page on any blog is the about us page. These pages tell new visitors what is all about, who are you and why you run a blog, and what is your niche. Write the content by selecting the trending keywords and you can take the help of the keyword tool. There are so many keyword tools and you can also try a free SEMRush trial for the keywords. 

Contact – This page permits guests to your blog to speak with you. It tends to be a clear page with your email address in addition to your interpersonal organization connections, or you can use a simple contact structure that guests can use to speak with you.

Over to You!

Starting a blog can be one of the best decisions of your life and trust me if you do it seriously your whole life will change like never before. You can even market your product and services with a blog. The best thing about starting a blog is you will be your own boss and can work whenever you want to do it.

There is no limit to earning from a blog. There are people who are earning millions of dollars from their blogs without leaving their homes. In fact, blogging is now a serious career that doesn’t need much technical knowledge to implement. You can start a professional blog within 30 minutes. If you haven’t started a website yet, then it is time that you should start one.


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