What’s a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram? Find Out Today!

What’s a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram? Find Out Today!

Did you know that the first photo on Instagram was a picture of the founder’s dog in 2010? If you’re crazy about Instagram then you might want to stand out from the crowd and earn followers.

You might ask yourself, what’s a good engagement rate on Instagram? While this seems tough to answer, there’s hope. Read this guide on engagement rates today and learn why they matter!

What’s a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram?

Once you use your Instagram post maker, you can then figure out your engagement rate. In order to do this, first, measure the number of interactions you have compared to your followers.

Some accounts might have large followings, but poor engagement. That’s why it’s vital that you look at engagement over followers.

A good engagement rate will fall between 1-5%. This number will vary based on the audience size, industry, and type of content.

How To Improve Your Engagement

First, you’ll want to get to know who is following you. Once you know your target audience, it’ll be easier to speak with them. Take a look at common traits that people in your audience tend to have.

Use video content since Instagram isn’t only about pictures anymore. Make sure that the videos are of high quality as well.

Don’t be afraid to branch out onto Facebook and Twitter. With people being busy, videos do extremely well. TikTok is a popular option now too.

If you fall below 1%, then you have a low engagement rate. While 6% is a very high engagement rate.

Use Instagram Reels. This is where you’ll upload the different videos to Instagram. Aim for at least one video per week.

They seem to have a higher engagement compared to content. Try out the reels and see how your audience responds. They also don’t require any creative editing software.

Other Platforms

On LinkedIn, a good engagement rate is about 2%. On LinkedIn, you calculate your engagement by post instead of a certain time.

Facebook engagement is about 1-2%. This is thanks to their algorithm which limits who sees what you post. Many of your followers won’t even see your posts thanks to this.

Twitter is much lower. A good engagement rate is between 0.02-0.09%. Most businesses will be tweeting about 5-6 per week.

Take a look at your tweets, plus the number of followers, and the interaction that you receive on them. Pay attention to how often you post and the time as well. Don’t forget to use hashtags on different platforms.

Answering the Question To, What’s a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram?

After exploring this guide, you should be able to answer the question, what’s a good engagement rate on Instagram? Take your time checking out your rate and how to increase it.

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