Logistics Industry: Benefits Of Short Haul Truck Driving

Logistics Industry: Benefits Of Short Haul Truck Driving

Many consider trucking an exhaustive and long-haul job for truckers. However, trucking is quite an incredible way of having a rewarding career and stable income with perfect job security. Truckers with families often do not prefer long-haul truck driving. Now, we need to understand that, what are the most crucial aspects while choosing either long or short-haul truck driving in Pakistan.

For them and other prospective truckers, short-haul truck driving can be a great option as it comes with innumerable perks and job satisfaction. Logistics companies in Pakistan often opt for short-haul truck drivers to complete multiple routes within a day. Here are some benefits of short-haul trucking to be mindful of.

Short-haul truck drivers work in an area that is familiar to them. As one would spend more time off-highway, they become more acquainted with every nook and corner of the local area, either city or village side. This way, they know which routes are the shortest and could save them time.
It is both efficient and, in the end, fruitful for the driver in Pakistan too.

Trucking In An Acquainted Area in Pakistan

Driving in a new area could be overwhelming. No planning is necessary beforehand. Short-haul driving is all about being home-field experts in the Pakistani Logistics industry. Wherever you need to apply for CDL if you are new in this industry as a truck driver.

For truckers with family, spending quality time with their loved ones is crucial. It serves as a source of motivation and relaxation too. Short-haul truck driving offers them the chance to stay with their family in a valuable manner.

More Time with Family and get Satisfaction

Routes are usually not long and could be completed within a day, giving them substantial time to be with their family. This never happens with long-haul driving, which could cause loneliness. Therefore, they enjoy both job satisfaction and family time.

Better Quality Lifestyle and work balance in the busy schedule

It helps them foster and give time to their relationships and hobbies, maintaining a quality work-life balance. The work-life balance is far more satisfying when compared to long-haul drivers. From sleeping under their roof to home-cooked food, there is less stress at work which helps them enjoy a super-quality lifestyle with their family, relatives, friends, and even alone also.

One could even do other odd jobs in their spare time for some extra cash. While compared to OTR drivers in Pakistan, time dedicated to one’s job is less for short-haul drivers. Surveys prove that short-haul truck drivers are far more satisfied enjoying adequate home time and work culture.

Dedicated Short Trips for short-haul drivers

Either urban or rural area, for short-haul drivers, usually, there is a single route they must have to work with, making it a dedicated route. This helps the driver have a stable and pleasant schedule, which is exceedingly rare to find in long-haul jobs. Truck drivers that have their families alongside them on the trip tend to prefer a dedicated route. This is a huge perk, especially for senior drivers, helping them settle into a comfortable rhythm.

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ELD Exclusions of a logistic company in Pakistan

For commercial drivers, it is crucial to log in their Hours of Service (HOS) with the help of an electronic logging device (ELD). This is done to observe the hours a trucker should rest before embarking on another long or short route on a Pakistani road. Otherwise, there could be serious cases of drivers feeling drowsy and zoning out.

OTR drivers must follow these rules, which can cause quite a hassle for them. Short-haul drivers are excluded from it as long as they drive within a 150-mile radius. This is an added benefit that saves both time and cost and offers schedule flexibility.

Short-haul truck drivers are crucial for all kinds of industries, especially supply chain and logistics. Short-haul trucking attracts many passionate transportation experts who are looking for flexibility and a good pay scale. So what are you waiting for? Do not wait, apply for it.
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