A skilled Scrum Master plays a huge role in the performance of a development team that seeks to adopt the Scrum framework and reap its benefits. The role of Scrum Master attracts many because it is a very advantageous position in an organization because you majorly act as a brain behind the working of the product development team.

If you are someone who is interested in becoming a Scrum Master professional, then you have come to the right forum. In this article, we have gathered all the information about the most credible CSM® Training & Certification course which is widely recognized and acclaimed for its formal validation of your skills. In addition to this, this article also lists the benefits of this course, and how it will help in strengthening your future career and help you land lucrative job roles in the industry. So, without further ado, let us begin with this informative article:

I. Overview Of The CSM® Training & Certification Course

The CSM® Training & Certification course is prepared with the aim of helping interested individuals become highly-skilled Scrum Masters so that they are sought after across industries, leading them to sweep their every job interview.

This CSM® Training & Certification course is being offered on the immersive learning platform of Zeolearn Academy which provides a set of accredited Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) that train the participants. The CST adopts a unique set of styles to use in the training process, covering both theoretical learning and practical learning so that the participants of the course get the most out of this course through the hands-on learning experience.

The CSM Training is a comprehensively designed course of 16 hours long and will be hosted by the industry experts who lead the interactive session. Throughout the course will be provided a unique blend of diverse activities, role plays, case studies, live discussions, and working on projects from real-world simulations. The overall aim of the entire team of trainers is to aid the participants to gain an immersive and progressive learning experience by which they come well-equipped for the development of high-performance product teams.

II. How Does The Scrum Master Certification Help?

A CSM® Foundation certification is a formal designation and an industry-accepted recognition that showcases your acquired skills and expertise of being a successful Scrum master.

T The CSM® Training & Certification course helps you become a skilled practitioner in Scrum. Upon gaining this valuable credential, you become a part of the community of professional Scrum Masters that led the industry with their skills. As per the recent State of Scrum report published in the public domain by the widely acclaimed Scrum Alliance, reportedly, there was more than 85 percent of respondents in this survey agreed to have gained Scrum Master Certification. Even, LinkedIn on its platform has cited the role of a Scrum Master among the most promising and in-demand jobs list.  

Keeping in mind the emerging role of Scrum Master in the past few years, organizations all over the world after realizing the benefits of embracing Agile and Scrum framework have adopted it. Presently, the Scrum Adoption rate has reached its height, touching 58 percent which is the highest rate seen till now across any industry. Some of the top organizations from across the border that have embraced Scrum and are reaping its benefits are IBM, Google, ANZ, Ernst and Young, Spotify, Siemens, Target, Dell, Honeywell and GE Healthcare. Many organizations are it is large-scale companies or new startups every other company has embraced the Scrum framework and many are seeking to adopt it to utilize its benefits for their firm because Scrum is potent in improving the quality of the workplace and creating a healthy and prosperous working environment to develop.

III. Skill That You Will Gain In This CSM Training

  1. Scrum Fundamentals: Master fundamentals of Scrum to start any project.
  2. Be a Servant Leader: Act as a change agent and a servant leader to guide the team towards the right Agile development path so that they perform adhering to the principles and practices of Scrum.
  3. Scope of Scrum: Master the Scrum execution across the organization by understanding the vast scope of Scrum and how it can be used in diverse environments to complete projects.
  4. Act as a facilitator: Being a Scrum Master you have to act as a major role player in facilitating the performance of cross-functional Scrum teams so that they deliver highly valued marketable within a shorter time-to-market.
  5. Enable transparency: To get better results in the execution of Scrum, transparency in the framework becomes equally important. Because more the visibility of the teamwork is, the better the team performance becomes at each level of scrum execution.
  6. Remove obstacles: Learn how to do proper identification and elimination the major challenges that obstruct the project delivery to be done on time. You can achieve this by focusing on the self-organization of teams.

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IV. Final Remarks

By the end of the CSM® Foundation certification course, it is guaranteed that you will become a master of concepts concerning the Scrum framework and its effective execution at the workplace. In this training process, participants will be given sessions on practical aspects of this framework and how to use its project-proven principles and practices across your organization.

The unique way of teaching skills of CSTs will help you master the tips and tricks that can be used in the implementation of Scrum in a wide range of working environments.

Kindly make a note that there are not any particular prerequisites that you need to satisfy to attend the CSM® Foundation certification course. However, it is advisable for the participants to come to attend the course with at least some prior elementary knowledge of Scrum and its application in a real-world context because it will help them understand the concepts better and more quicker. If you want to enhance your basics in Scrum, you can also attend the Agile and Scrum Foundation course at Zeolearn Academy as it serves as a good primer.


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