This Indoor Cycling App Makes You a Better Cyclist

This Indoor Cycling App Makes You a Better Cyclist

Have you heard about Vingo? It is a versatile Indoor cycling app that has everything that you need for getting better. For a starter, it tracks your performance over a period of time and makes you know of the progress that you have made. However, that is not all this wonderful app can do.

All the apps in the market can track your activity. In fact, even an ordinary smartwatch can do this, so what are the unique features of Vingo, you ask? Well, it is a question that is asked easier but answering it is not that easy.

The App Creates a New Virtual World 

Most fitness related mobile apps that you come across are built to maintain a record of what you eat, how much water and fluids you take in, the calorie that you consume and how much you burn by walking or running. Well, these are important functions, no denying that but at the same time, these are rudimentary features for a standalone app.

Vingo helps you to get fitter by helping you to exercise continuously. Yes, it might be surprising to hear but the app certainly motivates you to run or cycle more. It does this by creating a new virtual world. When you install the app and create an account for yourself, you will have the ability to create your own digital avatar. With the digital avatar, you can enter the virtual world.

In fact, it is similar to the avatar movie in which the protagonist enters a whole new world when he enters the body. In this case, you will very much stay in the real world but the experience is a surreal one. Your avatar runs and cycles in the virtual world when you do indoor cycling.

Explore the New World

The advantage of getting inside the virtual world is that you can explore new places. Whether you choose to unravel real-life cities or surreal places that are custom made to maximise the thrilling experience of the world. The whole experience of Online cycling is achieved by using the screen of your devices. It may be your phone or even your laptop or desktop.

The app gamifies the exercise session. Your cycling becomes a fun exercise. Another interesting part of the story is you can also take your friends and family into this world. Even if you don’t live in the same place, you can invite people to the virtual world. Imagine online games like Fortnite, PUBG or other real-time games. Now use the same technology to make your cycling engaging.

Create Virtual Communities & Contests 

When you cycle with your friends, you will have a support system that helps you to push ahead. It picks you up when you fall down. Similar to that, when you use this virtual cycling app you can form virtual communities. You can even have weekly or daily contests in these communities and see who gets faster. That is how this app makes you a better cyclist.


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