How To Make a Good Impression on Visitors to Your Manufacturing Site?                    

How To Make a Good Impression on Visitors to Your Manufacturing Site?

How To Make a Good Impression on Visitors to Your Manufacturing Site?

When you are showing potential customers around your site, it is important to make a good and lasting impression on them. It is almost guaranteed that if they are taking the time to look around your facilities, then you are pretty high on their list of suppliers that they want, but they probably have their eyes on your competitors too, and you really do not want to lose the custom to one of them.

Provide your employees with uniform

Having a smart-looking workforce can make a lot of difference to the overall look of your business. This can easily be achieved by supplying each and every one of your employees with a uniform. Uniforms do not only look good when everyone is when people are on mass but also provide other benefits.

You could supply different colored uniforms for different sections of your workforce so that teams are easily visible just by their uniforms. This means that you will be able to see where each individual is on the factory floor at a glance. If you make sure that the uniform you are supplying is branded with your business name or logo, you will have some free advertising on your workforce when they are traveling to and from work. Last and not least, it is added security for your business; anyone not wearing a uniform will stand out like a sore thumb, so intruders will be spotted quickly.

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Keep areas clean and tidy

It stands to reason that you will want your site to look spotlessly clean and tidy for your visitors; however, you do have to realize that a spotless factory is one that looks like it has no work. In saying this, your workers should not have any personal items on their workstations, such as family photos, memorabilia, or keepsakes. But they should have the essentials for getting the job done ready to hand without additional clutter.

Bins should be placed at regular intervals unless you can have a bin at every workstation, and rubbish should not under any circumstances be strewn across the floor as this not only looks immensely bad but also be a health and safety hazard.

This motion should be carried across every area of your business, including in areas where you have machinery. For instance, if you have the facilities of a baler, make sure that all your items you need baling are up together if not already baled before any visits take place. If you have a lot of items to bale, it is important and a real time-saver to make sure that you have the correct baling wire for the job and for your machinery, it is easy enough to check and get the right wire for the job in hand from web sites such as

Take your site to the next level and go paperless

If your site has not already gone paperless, then it is probably about time you started to look into doing this. There are many benefits to going paperless. It will save on trees, so it is better for the planet. It will save on paper, toner, ink, and the energy it costs to print everything out, so it will save in your pocket too. It will also save on clutter around your factory floor, so it will save on employee time when it comes to tidying everything away.



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