Hand Sanitizer Benefits of Regular Use                    

Hand Sanitizer Benefits of Regular Use

Hand Sanitizer Benefits of Regular Use

There are many benefits to using hand sanitizers. Despite their role in disinfection, smoothening hands, and confirming less diseases, hand sanitizers are crucial for personal hygiene and cleanliness. As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, demand for hand sanitizers has soared like never before.

Hand sanitizer is usually made with an amalgamation of some types of alcohol such as ethyl alcohol or isopropyl, as well as moisturizing, gel-like ingredients such as aloe or glycerol. In addition to the main ingredients, there are also fragrances and colors.

Even though alcohol has always been used as an antiseptic, Hand sanitizer market size only came about a few decades ago. The most important ingredient in any hand sanitizer is alcohol.

Throughout history, alcohol has been used to disinfect wounds in many ancient and medieval cultures. The antimicrobial activity of ethanol wasn’t scientifically proven until 1875 when L. Buchholtz conducted a test on the antimicrobial properties of ethanol. He discovered that alcohol can eradicate germs through a process called cell lysis.

COVID-19 and hand sanitizer

For years, hand sanitizer has been an essential part of many people’s personal hygiene routines. However, the hand sanitizer market experienced a significant increase during the Coronavirus outbreak. The first thing that went missing from supermarket shelves after the COVID-19 pandemic was hand sanitizer.

To strengthen their presence in the global hand sanitizer market, the major players have started to develop and manufacture hand sanitizer products. In March 2020, Dow Chemical, a prominent chemical manufacturer, announced a project to produce hand sanitizer for hospitals and pharmacies to support society during the pandemic. The company plans to produce 300 tons of hand sanitizer per month. As part of the COVID-19 outbreak, Coty, a major cosmetic manufacturer, has started manufacturing hydro-alcoholic gel hand sanitizer in March 2020. The production and donations are expected to reach tens of thousands of units per week. The company plans to produce 10 thousand hand sanitizers per week.

A hand sanitizer’s benefits

1. Cleanliness:

Hand sanitizers are capable of eliminating 99.9% of germs when properly used. You can occasionally replace soap and water with them.

2. Portability:

Hand sanitizers come in small, portable containers that can be carried in the purse wherever you go. When you go outside or to public places for a grab, this works excellently.

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3. Reduces disease risk:

The chances of contracting a disease are decreased if you regularly sanitize your hands during the monsoon or a pandemic. The frequent use of hand sanitizer also significantly reduces the risk of spreading gastroenteritis (stomach) and respiratory infections.

4. Softer Hands:

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are beneficial to the skin. They make your hands feel better. There are some hand sanitizers that contain emollients that moisturise and soften the hands. These are the main benefits of regularly using hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are an important part of maintaining cleanliness and preventing diseases.