Best Air Curtains | 2021 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide                    

Best Air Curtains | 2021 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Best Air Curtains | 2021 Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

An air curtain also known as an air door is a device that is used to prevent polluted air from entering indoors. It is to be installed by downward facing at the entrance of the building or premises.

It is one of the simplest devices that reduces the penetration of unconditioned air and insects to enter in the surrounding. The air curtain has in-built blowers that extract all the hot air from the surrounding and flows cool and unpolluted air inside the place.

The air curtains are widely used at commercial and residential places where utmost safety is important. The curtains are to be installed above the entrance doors and windows from where the air enters inside.

It is highly effective but one thing is that it depends on the temperature and wind forces outside. These energy saving devices are specially designed to cover all the areas of the surrounding properly. There are no complicated wirings required to install the air curtain.

While searching for these curtains you will come across a list of them. They may differ a bit in design, color and unit but works effectively everywhere. Let’s check out some of the best air curtains that are perfect for different places.

Awoco Air Curtain

The stainless steel air curtain is rust-free and can be easily installed on the wall. It is the best indoor device that is eligible to provide cold and fresh air. The company provides many different models that are convenient to install at your home, heavy duty industries, airpots, malls and other commercial places. These air curtain have a sleek and elegant design that will make your place look more interesting.  

Buyer’s Guide

  • It is an energy saving device.
  • It is beautifully designed to give an ideal appeal to the place where it is installed.
  • The air curtains are easy to install and use.

Mars Air Curtain

The Mars Air System is a commercial company that was founded in 1962 and provides a number of devices from which the air curtain is also one. These air curtains are from one of the most trusted air curtains in the list. They have versatile models and look reliable at each and every place. They look like an air conditioner and even work like them, giving a good amount of air inside the area where it is installed.

Buyer’s Guide

  • This air curtain is good for residential areas and office premises as well.
  • They are energy saving devices with some automatic features.
  • They can be silver, white or grey and you can choose anyone of them.

Global Industrial Air Curtain

One of the best air curtains in the market are the global industrial air curtains that have the ability to keep the place germs, bacteria and fumes free. They consume electrical energy providing fresh air to breathe in.

The air curtains are in-built with several blowers due to which they maintain the flow of air coming in and going out. They have automatic switches and even remote from which you can control it. 

Buyer’s Guide

  • They are perfect for those who are allergic to polluted air or have any air borne disease.
  • They are designed elegantly giving a precise appeal to the place.
  • The air curtains work on a magnetic door switch that gives them an effective working.  

Mitsubishi Air Curtain

Another one in the list is the Mitsubishi air curtain. It is also a well-known brand of electrical devices and has been serving their customers for years. This japanese multinational electrical company manufactures a number of electrical equipment that are in-built with modern technologies and features. Big industries and factories highly prefer these air curtains as they are reliable and strong.

Buyer’s Guide

  • They are easily available at the electrical store.
  • They are affordable and light in weight.
  • The air curtains have a temperature control and are fancy looking. 

Maxwell Air Curtain

Maxwell air curtains are also a prior pick for maintaining the temperature of the room. The curtains can be installed horizontally or vertically depending upon the flow of the air. As it works on electricity, installing it near the switch board will be a better idea. As they are made from aluminium there are lower chances of getting corroded. It has a powerful motor that maintains the temperature quickly.

Buyer’s Guide

  • They are waterproof and rust proof with a smooth and shiny surface.
  • The small and convenient models are available for residential purposes.
  • It is light in weight and is easy to find at stores.

Daikin Air Curtain

The Daikin air curtain significantly increases the comfort level and energy efficiency. It’s sleek and elegant design ensures that the air moves in the right direction giving the right flow in the surrounding. The air curtains are highly effective as they restrict a barrier between the entrance or spaces of two places so that dirty air pollutants and harmful bacteria don’t enter inside. If you are looking for an affordable air curtain then this will be the right pick.

Buyer’s Guide

  • They have the effectiveness of about 80-90%.
  • They even keep away flies and insects.
  • They are durable and have a variety of models.         

Panasonic Air Curtain

Panasonic is also a well known company that provides the best air curtains in the market. This electrical device has now become very popular as either it’s a small firm or a big industry everyone desires for a healthy and clean environment. So they install air curtains above the doors that are the entrance as it provides clean air to breathe. This fresh air keeps you safe and provides a peaceful environment to work in.

Buyer’s Guide

  • These air doors do not make loud noise.
  • They are made of a powerful motor that gives the right amount of air.
  • They are made of durable and non-corrosive materials.  

All of these air curtains have their own features and characteristics therefore you need to choose the most appropriate one depending on your place and temperature. You can choose any one of the listed above as all of them are easy to use and manage.