Tiny House Tricks: Colour Hacks to Make your Home look Spacious

Tiny House Tricks: Colour Hacks to Make your Home look Spacious

Small homes are tricky. When there is not much space, you will have to pick on the right colours and designs to make it feel open and comfortable. However, the restricted space is not a problem with these amazing colour choices.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid very dark shades for full walls. You may have them as accent colours to complement light colours and redefine structure. Whether you want a quirky appeal or an elegant vibe, the right colour choices can make your dream home fit in a small home. Check out these colour choices by experts and begin a renovation.

Use pastel colours

Pastel colours are quite a trend, especially for summer and spring. There are plenty of colour options whether you like pink, green, or blue. They are the safest options for tiny houses. Pastel shades are the perfect amount of light and breezy. They make your walls feel open and bright.

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Pick a neutral colour scheme

A neutral colour scheme would mean choosing white, and light grey colours. Neutral colours can give a futuristic and minimalistic look. It also gives a more sophisticated vibe. Be careful while using black, unless it’s to create an accent look.

Be elegant with beige

Beige is a classic option for small homes and bedrooms. It can also be classified as a neutral shade but it definitely has a warmer effect in the space without being too overpowering. Try beige to get a safe and understated look. This can be perfect for rentals when you want to impress potential tenants.

Rustic brown palette

If you have been fantasizing about the perfect bohemian look, you should try the rustic brown effect. Whether you want a light taupe or a golden cappuccino shade, brown can give a warm and comfortable look to any home. It’s a great option for small homes because of its soothing effect. Again, be careful while using darker shades!

Extra tips and tricks

  • Fill the space with as much light as possible. Darkness will make the room feel smaller. Get large windows to let the sunshine through.
  • Use light curtains instead of heavy, textured curtains. Flowy light curtains will allow the light to come in and give a magical effect to your small home.
  • Add textures with pillows and rugs. Keep the space interesting with fresh patterns and designs.
  • Keep the space decluttered and clean. Having too much stuff in between will make the space feel even more constricted.

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Try these amazing tricks to make your small home happier. Colours truly have a way to change your perspective. You may get in touch with a colour consultant to make smarter choices regarding colours. They can also help you pick the right options according to your unique personality. So, don’t worry anymore while revamping your small home anymore with these smart tricks!


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