How to switch to ho Mobile: practical procedure (video)

How to switch to ho Mobile: practical procedure (video)

The process of Passare a Ho mobile is really very simple, you can buy the SIM remotely and do everything independently; it takes a few minutes to activate the new number or carry out the portability.

It is necessary for you to keep your identity card, social security number, and the serial number of the SIM from which you are making the transition to ho with you before proceeding.

How to switch to ho mobile

Switch to ho mobile by visiting the Vodafone virtual operator’s site, choosing the rate based on the operator of origin, and clicking “Discover”.

It is now possible to complete the order. At this point, you need to enter no more information than what is necessary for the shipment to your home, which takes place within five working days.

After the SIM is delivered, you will need to download the ho app from the Play Store for Android or from the App Store for iPhone.

Until you activate the SIM, you will not have to insert the new SIM in your smartphone yet, and the real procedure will begin after that.

To activate the SIM card, open the ho Mobile app and click “Activate SIM”, then follow the instructions.

  • Please click on Login and follow the instructions to register
  • Once you have logged in, open the Menu and click on I carry the number in ho.
  • Provide the number to bring in. The operator of origin, the type of contract with the old provider, rechargeable or subscription, the serial number of the SIM, and the numeric code found on the old SIM.
  • Accept the conditions to pass the number, then enter the code received via SMS to complete the request.

The portability of the number usually takes three working days, and you can use the SIM with a provisional number during this time.

You can use ho mobile as an operator ten minutes after completing the activation process, but you may have to reconfigure your smartphone for Internet browsing.

The 41 11 13 number is a recorded disc that explains what is about to happen: a notification will be sent with the necessary data for navigation. Just click on the install button and enter the PIN 1234 when prompted.

Attention, if you access the ho Mobile app, you will see the message indicating that the passage of the number was unsuccessful. Usually, it takes three days for the required 72 hours to pass and if portability hasn’t been completed, you can try again via the app or visit a retailer with a copy of your identity document and social security number.

Once the portability has been completed, any remaining credit on the old SIM will also be loaded.

To see how the activation procedure for switching to ho is carried out, watch the video.

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Pay attention to portability

I have. Mobile offers 15 days from the activation of the SIM to carry out the portability of the number and to continue paying the promotional offer compared to the official price of € 12.99. This is equivalent to € 5.99 for customers carrying out portability from Ilida.

But, be careful since portability may not be successful due to the length of the SIM serial, which can be different from the typical 19 digits, just like in the case of ilaid, which has 20 instead, whereas with other operators it could be less.

The virtual operator of Vodafone has proposed the following resolution:

If the serial number on your old SIM is 20 digits, proceed as follows:

  • When the last digit of the serial is zero, it deletes the last digit of the serial
  • Other than that, it eliminates a zero from the sequence of zeros in the middle of the sequence

If your old SIM has a 16-digit serial number, proceed as follows:

  • Follow the “01” with three zeros and indicate all the other serial numbers until you have filled in the 19 spaces

Your old SIM should have 22 digits as its serial number. Here’s how to do it:

  • You need to eliminate three extra zeros after the “01” and indicate all the other numbers following the zeroes until all 19 characters are indicated.

At one of the points of sale, you can present an identity document, your social security number, and your current SIM card to pass on your number.

Then you can request the transmission of the number normally. However, if your SIM is suspended, you must first contact the current operator to reactivate the number.



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