Hire A Private Driver In Niagara Falls - 2021 Ultimate Guide                    

Hire A Private Driver In Niagara Falls – 2021 Ultimate Guide

Hire A Private Driver In Niagara Falls – 2021 Ultimate Guide

ZoomZoom partner offers an exemplary platform to bring your driving skills to use and earn money for your services, making it one of the leading cab booking services in Niagara. The app gives a stable and excellent opportunity for the cab drivers in Niagara. Now, the drivers don’t need to wait to get passengers for hours due to seamless work pattern.

The best part of this app is that it considers all its drivers as part of its Zoom community and is dedicated for their sustainable growth and development. Zoom is an advancement of one of the most trusted taxi services in Niagara. Hence, it is well aware of challenges and opportunities which a driver faces in his career. It offers a systematic driver training along with easy route navigation with its GPS mapping, simplified insurance cards, and many other features that will add to your driving experience with this leading cab service in Canada.

ZoomZoom is making diligent efforts to offer reliable transport and travel solutions to the people of Niagara. By focusing on a specific region, this cab booking service intends to improve its services and fully cater to the community’s needs.

The ridesharing service is available in the following areas in Niagara:

  • St. Catharines
  • Welland
  • Beamsville
  • Grimsby
  • Niagara Falls
  • Niagara-on-the-lake
  • Thorold
  • Fort Erie

The idea of this cab booking service was based on serving the people of Niagara with an extremely affordable, convenient, and safe ridesharing option. The innovation in services is driven by the customer-oriented approach. Hence, every customer’s opinion and suggestion matters a lot.

What all will you find on the app?

ZoomZoom has introduced Mobile Driver App on iOS and Android which makes it easier for the drivers to manage their account and monitor their progress continuously. The drivers can easily register on the Mobile Driver App and reap its benefits.Let’s have a look at what will drivers find on Mobile Driver App:

• About: You can stay updated about all the details, new services and information about this cab booking service by liking or following it on all social media platforms.

• Home: The ‘online’ button on the ‘Home’ screen will automatically switch on once you open the app. You will also find other options like ‘cash balance’, ‘soft limit’, and ‘hard limit’ at the top.

• Portal: In this section, you can clearly view total number of bookings, money earned out of them, average rating, and other specifications for a particular day.

• History: This section of the app shows a record of the amount earned throughout the week. It is shown in the graphical format. You can evensee the history by skipping to previous weeks.

• Wallet: It has and the two sub-sections – ‘soft limit’ and ‘hard limit’. According to the app, credit means the money due to the app for past bookings.

• Bank: This section allows you to link your Zoom driveraccount to your stripe account or any other bank account to get payments transferred directly into it.

• Invite: Riders can earn exciting rewards if they recommend this app to their friends, family or acquaintances.

• Support:The support system is very helpful for the riders as it solves all the problems and issues you are facing related to the app.

What makes ZoomZoom Partner stand out?

• A Zoom driver has a choice to work with a greater flexibility where you can choose your driving hours as per your comfort and convenience.

Drive with Zoom and be your own boss as it allows you to select your driving hours as per your need and convenience.

• You can easily reach the right destination for both pick-up and drop-off with the app’s GPS assistance.

• Customers can either make cash payment or use a credit card to pay the ride fare.

• Our active customer support team is always happy to help with any of your issues during your tenure with us. You can even make a call to the customer support team during the ride or visit one of its offices for complaints or issues. Zoom works with a motive to transform the entire ridesharing and transportation that took place in Niagara till now. It aims to offer maximum flexibility and convenience both to its driver’s community and its users to take private transportation to a next level.

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