Here are five reasons why 3D printing is beneficial                    

Here are five reasons why 3D printing is beneficial

Here are five reasons why 3D printing is beneficial

Irrespective of whether the new idea is on wheels, flies, or travels via rails, 3D printing has numerous advantages over traditional methods, including speed to market, reduced costs, and reduced waste. Here are the top five reasons you should invest in High strength 3D printing:

1. Improve time-to-market turnaround

Lifestyle-fit products are what consumers are looking for. Running shoes should be lighter, so lightweight materials should be used. A faster and more intelligent processor is needed to offer seamless, lifelike experiences to gamers. People want cars that make commuting easier, cars that almost drive themselves. It is up to the manufacturers to meet consumer demands for products that work well and that are available now. By reducing design-to-production times, 3D printing can help companies meet customer demand for new products. Design ideas are developed using CAD software and then 3D printed. A functional prototype is then made from these designs by using 3D printing. These 3D printed models can then be used by engineers and designers to test features and evaluate designs. Traditional processes typically take weeks to complete, while this process takes just a few days.

2. Save money by using on-demand 3D printing

Manufacturing engineers design tools and fixtures to solve specific problems in the factory. Making tools can be extremely time-consuming and expensive since they are often custom-made. The creation of new tools to replace broken ones means lost manufacturing time, so reducing the time spent replacing tools can significantly reduce costs. Today’s high-strength plastics are strong, lightweight, and cheaper than ever before. 3D-printed tools can be replaced in hours rather than days.

3. Use additive manufacturing to reduce waste

CNC machining is used to manufacture many parts in the automotive industry. Parts are made from solid blocks of aluminum or steel, a process known as subtractive manufacturing. The material is removed using different tools until the final part is created. The biggest issue with this type of manufacturing is the amount of waste that is generated. The collection, cleaning, and recycling of metal shavings add both time and cost. It is also costly and difficult to recycle cooling fluids, which reduce heat and friction during machining. As a result of 3D printing, much of that clean-up is eliminated, which reduces waste and saves time.

4. Personalized parts make a difference in people’s lives

A large number of people with artificial limbs are benefiting from 3D printing. A prosthetic device replaces a missing or damaged body part with a complex, sophisticated system. Each product must be customized to the individual patient in order to be effective. Since 3D printing is completely customizable, it revolutionizes the process of designing and building artificial limbs. “The most challenging part is tailoring the prosthetic to the patient, taking measurements, etc. The design process is entirely digital after that, and a reliable 3D printer can produce the prosthetic in a matter of hours to a few days at most.”.

5. Use complex part designs to reduce weight

Companies in the aerospace industry are always looking for ways to reduce airplane weight. Using every ounce of weight saved increases passenger capacity. However, maintaining the plane’s strength and integrity is essential. In order to achieve this, designers often create complex matrix designs. Manufacturing these parts using traditional machining techniques is difficult. 3D printing is the perfect way to build these complex parts.

Embrace 3D printing to reap the benefits

Manufacturing has been transformed by 3D printing. In addition to increasing speed-to-market, lowering costs, and customizing parts, it drives innovation and sparks new technologies. Since 3D printing has had such a huge impact since its debut, we can surely expect it to continue growing over time.



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