Five advantages of ocean freight shipping                    

Five advantages of ocean freight shipping

Five advantages of ocean freight shipping

If you are setting up a business that has to ship goods overseas, you are probably wondering if you should use ocean freight shipping or air freight shipping. Both modes of transport have advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware of the major benefits of ocean freight before you make your decision.


You know that ocean freight shipping takes a long time but is less expensive than air courier. However, you may not realize the huge difference in price. In general, shipping your products by sea is cheaper than shipping them by air.

Even though air shipping may be faster, you have to take into consideration an airplane’s size and how much cargo it can carry. Commercial boats have plenty of room and can handle a lot of heavy cargo. In contrast, it may take an entire plane to transport one shipment of your product.

This is good for the environment

The environmental impact of shipping a product across the ocean on a cargo ship is much greater than that of flying a product. Airliners that carry cargo are very bad for the environment. They emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Behind airplanes, cirrus clouds contribute to global warming.

Even if you are not an environmentalist, having an eco-friendly means of transportation may still be in your best interest. Businesses that consider their environmental impact can take advantage of tax write-offs. Depending on your business and your clientele, it may be beneficial to advertise your product as green.

The Convenience

If you export or import a small amount of gourmet foodstuff or a few articles of clothing for a small shop, you may not need a lot of space to ship your product. This is especially true if you use an ocean freight shipper. You might be able to share a container with another company.

Heavy cargo can be carried by it

If you have oversized or heavy items to ship, ocean freight may be your only option. It would be difficult to ship iron or steel products on a plane, and it is actually safer to ship certain types of grains used in cereals. The United States imports products such as wood chips from Asia. In an airplane, they would be difficult to transport because they are heavy and bulky.

Using it is safer

If you are transporting chemicals or other hazardous materials, you may want to consider ocean freight. Employees of the maritime industry have special training in shipping hazardous materials. The containers are sealed for extra security, and the crew regularly inspects the cargo during the voyage.

In nearly every respect, ocean freight shipping is the best option unless time is of the essence. 71% of the world’s surface is water, and people have been traveling by boat for centuries. Every day, there are millions of shipping containers on the water.

Shipping containers have been around for about 60 years, and they have made ocean shipping safer, more secure, and more cost-effective.