Upsides of Having The Dark Mode Option On Your Website                    

Upsides of Having The Dark Mode Option On Your Website

Upsides of Having The Dark Mode Option On Your Website

The dark browsing option for internet sites has recently attracted a huge amount of interest among users all over the world. Because of its popularity, Google also provides the ‘Night Eye’ option, which allows you to apply a dark theme to any website when you’re using Google.

Yet, the demand is being boosted by the fact that many applications and website designs are only using this new design element to provide consumers with an experience that is distinct from traditional web designs.

We can fairly assume that dark mode is here to stay. In this article, we’ll explain why you should use dark mode for a website and what its advantages are.

Health and Wellbeing

Everybody can connect and be in a room with the lights turned down, and a bright screen was blinding them. We don’t only experience dry and sore eyes from staring at bright blue displays all day. Light also inhibits the release of melatonin, a hormone required for sleep. That’s why many of our automobile dashboards are now blue — to keep us awake and aware. The majority of us use our mobile devices throughout the day and night. We spend more than 11 hours every day on our phones and tablets. It’s hardly surprising that many of us have dry or itchy eyes that are occasionally accompanied by sleeplessness, migraines, or neck discomfort. Turning on the dark mode helps you protect yourself from these problems.

Embraced by Tech Giants

Right now, we have large IT giants and popular websites which have actively implemented the so-called ‘Night Mode’ and are providing consumers and users with the ability to adjust their viewing preferences as desired. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube, iOS 13, Samsung’s One UI, Apple’s iPad, and Android 10 shadow mode offer you the opportunity to use their dark mode feature.

Together, these internet platforms and businesses serve the vast bulk of the world’s urban-tech population. As a result, it’s not a piece of big news that night mode has become a popular choice for smartphones, internet users, and among the UI/UX Design Agency.

Boldness of Text

While the case for dark text on light backgrounds is compelling, the argument that it aggravates some users is equally valid. This is because the vast majority of users spend their days staring at bright white screens, which can create digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain is a phrase used to describe a range of vision-related issues caused by continuous usage of a cell phone, computer, e-reader, or tablet, to mention a few examples. As a result, many people find the alteration to be far more acceptable and desirable. This permits them to disappear into the darkness and cocoon themselves from the intense white light that causes people to feel like they are staring directly into the sun.

Although the dark mode doesn’t make the writing bold, it does cause the reverse response in which letters bleed; dark mode is more of an atmosphere than a feature. According to a recent Medium study, around 82.7 percent of participants responded that they prefer to use night themes on their computers.

Battery Saving

The introduction of dark UI was one of Google’s remedies to developers’ concerns about energy drain during the 2018 Android Dev Summit. Google research indicated that night mode might preserve the life of the battery.

This discovery was earlier made by XDA Developers in a report that said that a dark mode could lower battery drain by up to 63 percent on AMOLED panels, even when set to maximum brightness. For example, at 50% brightness, the YouTube app’s Dark Mode interface saves roughly 15% screen energy when compared to a flat white backdrop. At full-screen brightness, the dark interface saves an astounding 60% of display electricity.

Furthermore, bright pixels need much more power, and luminance impacts both energy use and battery capacity in a linear way.

Influenced by Developers and Coders

Although the night theme has gained popularity among users in recent years, few understand that programmers and coders, who create in UI/UX Design Agency, among other things, have already been focusing on this subject for quite some time.

Most coding text editors use this dark mode theme as their default appearance. In reality, dark themes are mainly used by some of the most popular code text editors like Atom, Sublime Text, Brackets, and Visual Studio Code.

When viewed from this angle, it is simple to see why coders and developers may have an impact on this shift. Additionally, as per recent research, more than 70% of software developers use Dark Theme IDEs, and downloads of dark mode are virtually always in the top 10 themes in terms of popular demand.

User Preference

We are all aware that the bulk of internet audiences seldom read words since the most watched and popular kinds of media are visuals, which can be mainly classified as videos or photographs. As a result, when it comes to the popularity of dark-themed websites, user tastes play a role.

A recent Smart Insights survey found that 92 percent of marketers use videos as a significant aspect of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, by 2021, it is predicted that people will spend up to 100 minutes a day watching internet videos.

This is also backed by survey results, which show that online video consumption is among the most popular kinds of internet activity globally. Taking these findings into account, it is clear that a dark mode works well with internet video streaming services. It’s no surprise that YouTube and Netflix have dominated the use of these gloomy tones for the most part.


Despite what the rules of science and medicine suggest, the dark mode has proven quite popular among the general public. I like to think of dark mode as a mood indicator rather than anything more substantial.

I wish this article was able to provide you with some fascinating insights into why dark theme web designs have grown in popularity among consumers. For more information about this, you can contact a UI/UX web design company.