Best Cube Timers Of All Time                    

Best Cube Timers Of All Time

Best Cube Timers Of All Time

Are you looking for a timer that could help you with your timings when you are cubing?

Well! If you are, then your wait ends here. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about some of the best timers to time your cubing. The timers that I am going to enumerate down below are some of the eBay timers present in the market.

The article is based on the observation done by the cubers out there, who themselves have once been perplexed about which cube timer to go with. 

Thus, here is the solution to your problem, so that you could find the perfect solution to your cube. You get the pun here, right ?!

But before delving into finding the best cube timer, check out these cube timers online and indulge in some cubing awareness, and know about some world records in cubing.

The current record for solving a Rubik’s cube is held by Yusheng Du, he solved the Rubik’s cube in just 3.47 seconds. Tough to beat, right?!

Interestingly, Que Jiyanya, solved three Rubik’s cubes while juggling in five minutes and approximately seven seconds. 

And lastly, Shivam Bansal solved a Rubik’s cube blindfolded in just mere seconds.

Now, we have looked at some of the intriguing world records. Let’s get you a cube timer to help you be the next Rubik’s cube world record holder.

Below are the three best cube timers of all time, to help you time your solution.

1. YJ Timer

The YJ Timer accompanies little pin-ups on the back of it so that it can set into a tangle. Moreover, a great feature of it is that the reset button is arranged towards the base so that you don’t hit on it accidentally and lose all your time information. 

A harsh reality of it is that the reset button is hit unintentionally now and again in Championships also. Along these lines, this is unquestionably a serious extraordinary overhaul. 

There are several go-to movements through buttons, on the top, there is a power button, save button, and other operations button. In addition to that is that the sides are pressure delicate. 

Moreover, the clock would start when you tap on it, which is a great feature of it. The YJ Timer works consistently with the show and CS clock. 

It is cost-effective and great to utilize, especially for beginners.

2. QiYi Timer

The QiYi Timer records the time up to a hundredth of a second and is very precise in its nature. It usually accompanies a link that could help you connect any mechanism with it, with the utmost ease. The rear of the Qi Yi Timer has froth cushions to ensure the base and comfort. In any case, the base segment can be handily separated as it contains magnets that can adhere to the tangle. 

The Qi Yi Timer deals with batteries and has the force just as the reset button generally showed. The lights on the screen streak as the clock runs and stop when the clock is stopped. It is an all-around fabricated model and has preferable usefulness over the QJ Timer.

3. YJ Pocket Timer

The YJ Pocket comes in great color options to suit every person’s wants and needs, but that’s not all. It is relatively smaller in size and can fit easily in your pocket. Admirably, It also works on batteries. 

Moreover, the power switch toggle is placed on the left side to ease its usability of it. The right side has an auxiliary display port that can display the timer on a computer or any device of your choice. The front face of the timer has the reset and the function button which comes in handy when it comes to comfort and usability.

The best part about the YJ Pocket Timer is that it does not require any actual pads and thus is extremely comfortable to use. It uses specialized technology that could detect your hand motion and start and stop the timer according to the motion of your hands. 

It is a great buy if you love to solve cubes whenever you feel like it. You can carry the timer along with your Rubik’s cube anytime anywhere as it is very portable and comparatively compact. 

These are the three most fascinating, exciting, and modernized cube timers that you could go for. 

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These cube timers are based on providing their users with a great lot of comfort and are user-friendly in several ways. Moreover, they are technologically equipped and have a lot of other exciting features that are rarely found in a cube timer.

So, without any further wait, get yourself a cube timer, and step into the world of cubes.

Happy cubing!