The benefits of personalized stamps                    

The benefits of personalized stamps

The benefits of personalized stamps

There have been stamps made from stone, metal, and other materials since ancient times, but rubber stamps have been around for centuries. Since 1866, when L.F. Wheeler claimed to have invented them.

It might seem dated to many people, but this 150-year-old technology is still as useful as it was when it was invented. Discover how a simple rubber stamp can benefit your business.

Label and organize paperwork

Even though most business documents are now computer-based, most companies still use a lot of paper. There is more paper than ever since computers took over. It can be tough to keep all that paperwork organized.

There’s nothing worse than pulling a piece of paper out of a file and not knowing what its status is. Did we pay this invoice? Have we faxed the client the contract? Is this an original or a copy of the contract?

These problems can be easily solved with rubber stamps for businesses. Simple one-word identifiers like paid, faxed, and copied are some of the most commonly used stamps. It is easy to tell what the status of any document is with these stamps.

While you could write notes on the document by hand, using a Timbro personalizzato avoids the problem of being unable to read another person’s writing. Whenever you stamp a stack of paper, the last one will be every bit as clear as the first. If a person writes everything by hand, that’s not likely to be the case.

Stamps save time

If you’ve ever had to work your way through a stack of documents, signing each one as you go, you know how long it can take. You’ll probably experience hand cramps by the halfway point.

A signature stamp is one of the most useful personalized rubber stamps. The stamp company duplicates your signature onto the stamp after you send it to them. You do not have to sign the entire stack of documents, but you can stamp them with your signature instead. Your last one will be just as clear as your first one, saving you time.

The stamping could even be done by your assistant or someone else you trust, which would free you up to do more valuable work. However, make sure you trust the person using the stamp – they can “sign” anything with your name!

Awareness of a brand and marketing

Rubber stamps can be customized with your company’s logo or slogan, making it easy to brand documents. You can add your logo or tagline to the top of your letters without purchasing a custom letterhead, or you can stamp the outside of every envelope you send so your clients know who’s sending it.

You can also add a call to action to a stamp. You can create a stamp that says “Follow us! The company selling rubber stamps, for example, could use “shop our stamps” with their website address.

You can even create stamps to give to your customers or potential clients. One or more of the most common types of stamps could be used, such as paid, copy, or faxed, along with your company’s logo or tagline. They will be able to see your name every time they use the stamp, as well as any clients they have.



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