Here are a few advantages of office meeting booths and pods!                    

Here are a few advantages of office meeting booths and pods!

Here are a few advantages of office meeting booths and pods!

Over the past few decades, meeting booths and pods have become staples in the modern workplace, spanning several industries and sectors. Choosing the right products for your office isn’t the only thing to consider. This blog post will highlight some of the main benefits of this type of microwork environment, including:

Better privacy

Improved wellbeing

Stress levels are lower

Concentration is boosted

Confidentiality support

Noise reduction (acoustic pods)

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What is the purpose of office meeting pods?

The clue is in the name, really. Typically, this type of product is used to create a meeting area within a workplace that is probably not as large or as formal as a boardroom. It provides a place where one or more employees can go to get away from their work area if and when they need to do so.

While meeting pods can be used for meetings, they can also be used for other purposes. Focus or concentration areas, a place to make private phone calls, or a rejuvenation space where staff can recharge and refresh can all be included.

This is all about creating a micro-environment within a wider ecosystem of work settings where users can go to find space, quiet, privacy, and distraction-free focus. As meeting pods have become more common in modern working environments, they’ve also become more versatile.

Different types of meeting booths:

Meeting pods and booths are available in any size or shape these days, with sheds and telephone boxes among the most popular design inspirations. As product development advances and the marketplace provides more options, we’re seeing a diverse range of options including:

Traditional upholstered meeting booths

Miniature meeting rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass

Phonebox-style soundproof pods, also known as acoustic pods

Providing a certain level of visual cover and noise cancellation in semi-shielded meeting rooms

Providing a higher level of privacy

Experts are predicting a decline in open plan working due to a lack of privacy as one of the main issues. Over 95% of workers say they need quiet, private spaces, but only 41% have access to them – this type of facility is the perfect solution without breaking the bank or creating any disruption.

Noise reduction with acoustic pods

Since open plan offices became more popular, excess noise has become a more prevalent problem. Currently, many meeting booths and pods are manufactured using acoustic materials to reduce background noise.

Increasing concentration and productivity

The average person gets distracted every 11 minutes, and distractions near work areas account for 25% of lost time. Concentration and productivity will be promoted by providing a place where people can escape visual and audio disruptions.

Reducing stress and improving wellbeing

Improve employee experience and job satisfaction by creating a work environment that addresses common workplace issues. Stress levels will be lower, motivation levels will be higher, and workplace positivity will be higher.

Confidentiality must be maintained

The Privacy Crisis we mentioned earlier is detrimental to concentration, productivity, and stress levels, but it can also compromise confidentiality. Meeting pods that are enclosed and acoustically enhanced are an effective solution to this problem.



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